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Au Pair in Norway: Guided tour

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If you are still deciding where should you stay as an Au pair, maybe Norway can surprise! This country is actually very popular among Au Pairs, and that is no surprise thanks to how much it offers. If you want to learn a new english and live a new experience that is sure to stick with you, make sure to check out this tour guide! We are sure you are going to love it.
au pair tour norway
Norway seems to be a very popular attraction for Au Pairs that want to experience its beautiful cities and the fascinating natural wonders that this country has to offer.
Keep reading to find out more information about the land of fjords and northern lights!

Au Pair in Oslo

Considered one of the best cities in Europe for its quality of life, Oslo is a very dynamic city. Being the center of the Norwegian cultural life, there are many tourist attractions that you, as an Au Pair in Oslo, will be able to explore fully and get to know from the perspective of a local! 
Become an Au Pair in Oslo
Au Pair in Oslo
When you arrive to the lovely area of Aker Brygge wharf, filled with lovely cafes and shops, the city will welcome you into its charming environment, full of exhibitions and pop-up events. 
But if art is what you’re into, then the National Gallery needs to be in your bucket list. This museums includes the very famous Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” - a must-see!
Another great artistic landmark is the Vigeland Sculpture Park: filled with more than 200 sculptures made by Gustav Vigeland, this section of the Frogner Park feels like an open-air museum - and it’s free! 
Oslo offers also many cultural and artistic events throughout the year, like the music Norwegian Wood Festival and the Oslo World Music Festival, which attract people from all over the world as they represent global genres. Christmas markets are also spectacular and will definitely be worth exploring during your stay there!

Au Pair in Stavanger

Such a beautiful town, rich in history, landmarks and museums, Stavanger could be the ideal city for you! 
Become an Au Pair in Stavanger
Au Pair in Stavanger
From the gorgeous port, surrounded by cafes, restaurants and exclusive shops, to the stunning typically-white wooden houses in the Old Town, the atmosphere of this city is perfect to explore new places and participate in many different activities.
Stavanger is indeed a great gateway to some of the best hikes in Norway - so if you are more of an outdoorsy person and want to get away from the city on the weekends, you will definitely enjoy Kjeragbolten and Preikestolen, considered two of the most beautiful hikes in the whole of Norway.
Wandering around the streets of the city is also a good way to spend your free time. Thanks to the Nuart Festival, the walls in the city center are covered by  incredibly colourful murals, which would be a great background for your Instagram pictures! 
Stavanger is also filled with interesting museums such as the Petroleum Museum, super innovative and modern, and the quirky Canning Museum, which will make your stay in Norway even more awesome and unique!

Au Pair in Bergen

Another great Norwegian city is Bergen. Situated amidst one of the beautiful Norwegian Fjords, this place would definitely allow you to have access to many different attractions.
Become an Au Pair in Bergen
Au Pair in Bergen
One of the most common social hubs for both locals and tourists is Bryggen, the Old Wharf. The buildings in this area are known for their particular look, being all wooden and colourful - a great place to hang out with friends at the wonderful cafes and shops. 
There are also plenty of activities that you could do with your Host Children. Indeed, as the City of the Seven Mountains, Bergen is a fantastic location to enjoy many different hikes and field trips to the closest mountain, Fløyen. Another great and easy option would be to get a boat to visit the nearby fjords, like Sognefjorden, the longest fjord in Norway.
In case it’s too cold or your Host Children are too young, the alternative can always be the amazing Aquarium!
The beautiful forests, fjords and lakes are just some of the things Norway has to offer.
So if you’re thinking of moving to Scandinavia for your Au Pair experience, Norway could be the right choice for you - let the northern lights guide you! 

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