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How to become an Au Pair in Norway?

The Au Pair program requirements in Norway are not difficult to fulfill. Moreover, there is no difference for EU and Non-EU citizens, as Norway does not belong to the European Union, but only to the Schengen area. 
The residence permit or visa to Norway may have different requirements for each nationality though. 
Au Pair requirements Norway

Au Pair program in Norway - requirements for all nationalities

If you still wonder whether or not you can become an Au Pair in Norway, we will provide you with more information! Just have a look whether you can say the following things about yourself and therewith fulfill the requirements:
  • Age: between 18 and 30
  • Good command of English or Norwegian
  • Not married
  • No children
  • Childcare experience
  • Being interested in staying in Norway, learning Norwegian and immersing in Scandinavian culture!
Are all the points above true about you? We hope so - don’t wait any longer and join our community!
Free Registration as Candidate
Although the participation requirements are the same for all nationalities, entry requirements may vary depending on your citizenship. If you are from any EU / EEA / EFTA country, just have a look at the next caption. If you are from any other country, check the application process for your country! 

Au Pair in Norway step by step for EU / EFTA / EEA citizens

Find a Norwegian Host Family on
Register on, create an account, add some pictures and voilà! You are ready to look for your perfect Host Family. Send them a message, meet up during a video call and stay in touch! 
Check your documents
Preferably, you should have a valid passport which will last for the whole stay in Norway. Your ID card should be valid as well! 
Sign the contract
Talk to the Host Family during the video call and discuss everything regarding your stay in detail. Before the departure, sign the contract in which you need to mention important details of the cooperation. 
You are going to be abroad for a while - take care of an insurance for your whole stay in Norway in case of any unexpected misfortune. 
Enjoy your time abroad! 
Meet new people, enroll in a language course and find out what it feels like to live in Norway, one of the happiest, most peaceful countries in the world!
Keep in mind that you need to get your residence permit within a week after the arrival. 

Au Pair in Norway for citizens of countries outside of EU / EEA / EFTA

If you are from any other country outside of the EU / EEA / EFTA, you need to apply for a residence permit or a visa to Norway. How? Let us help you: 
Find a Host Family at
First register and create an account on Scroll through our Host Families and find a suitable one! Contact the family and arrange the stay together. 
Meet up during a video call
Get to know each other during a skype call. Is it the right family to spend the next few months with?
Sign the contract
Discuss the terms of your cooperation in detail and sign the Au Pair contract. It will be necessary during your visa application and will also help you express your expectations towards the Host Family.
Make sure that your passport is valid
Your passport should be valid for the application process and should remain valid for the whole stay! It’s important to check it in advance.
Apply for a residence permit or visa
To become an Au Pair in Norway, you need an Au Pair residence permit. Citizens of some countries can also use a Working Holiday visa to go au pairing in Norway. 
Pack your suitcase and enjoy your time abroad!
Norway is waiting for you - get your luggage, pack all the necessities and book a ticket to Norway.


Au Pair in Norway - after the arrival 

Every Au Pair staying in Norway needs to complete some necessary steps after the arrival:
  • Receive a residence permit
Within 7 days after the arrival the Au Pair needs to contact the local police station in the district where the Host Family lives. You will have your fingerprints and pictures taken there. About 10 days after the appointment you will receive a residence card, sent by mail to your Host Family’s address.
  • Enroll to Social Security System
After visiting the police station you need to go to the Tax-office and enroll in the Social Security System. You will receive an ID number and income tax card. As you will be working in Norway, you need to pay income taxes. The tax authorities will calculate how much taxes you need to pay and the amount must be deducted from your Au Pair salary in Norway by the family. The family should pay the taxes on behalf of you.. Keep in mind that the pocket money should include an additional amount, paid subsequently as an income tax.
  • Tuberculosis test 
Depending on your nationality, you may have to be tested for tuberculosis. Usually nationals of EU / EEA / EFTA countries and the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan don’t have to undergo this test, but all the other Au Pairs probably will. The test is free of charge. You should receive detailed information at the police station, while registering as an Au Pair in Norway. 

What else?

  • The application for your work permit will take some time - usually about 8 - 10 weeks. Make all the required arrangements before going to Norway! 
  • Your work permit may last up to 2 years. 
  • There is a work permit fee you may need to pay (if you are from outside the EEA). The fee is about 3200 NOK and should be paid either at the police station or at the embassy, depending on the way you submit your application.

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