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Become a Host Family in Italy

Host Au Pair in Italy
Hosting an Au Pair in Italy is the perfect chance for families in  “il bel paese” to be part of an international experience and get reliable and affordable childcare. Since the Italian culture has made more than only a few fall in love, there are a lot of candidates ready to live the experience in Italy.

Can you become a Host Family in Italy?

Italian families can share their culture by welcoming their Au Pair to their home. In exchange, they will have a responsible and flexible childcare solution. All the families that are interested in taking part in the program need to meet these requirements: 
  1. The family has least 1 child under the age of 18
  2. They are able to afford the expenses such as Au Pair’s salary, meals and health insurance
  3. A private room for the Au Pair is available at their home
  4. They have a different nationality than the Au Pair
  5. Family members speak Italian at home
If your family fulfils all the requirements above, then let us help you find your match!

Family free registration

Families can be part of this cultural exchange if they create a profile on our platform and start looking for candidates with our search tool. Tell the candidates more about your expectations and add some pictures that allow them to imagine living with your family. Send standard messages and add candidates to your favorites list for free!
Our Premium Members can also send personalized messages to their best matches. Personal messages are far more liked than standard messages and you will have the chance to get to know about the candidate and to exchange contact details. In addition, Premium Members also get our handbook for the stay, model contract and other important information for the stay. 
When you find a match, it is very important to verify that the Au Pair has what it takes to join your family in Italy. Check all the requirements for participants from EU and Non-EU countries along with the program regulations and visa process
Get the communication further with some messages and a couple of video calls. Once you are sure of your choice, you can make it official by signing the contract. Do not forget to include important points such as the salary, working schedule and the responsibilities. 

Hosting EU and Non-EU applicants in Italy

All participants wishing to experience Italy from the inside as an Au Pair need to meet some requirements depending on their nationality. Au Pairs from Non-EU/EFTA countries will need to take a few extra steps to file visa and other formalities, though they are quite simple and straightforward.
Besides the official requirements, there are also a few expectations Au Pairs should fulfil. These include: not being married, not having children of their own, having basic communication skills in the local language, being medically fit and having experience in taking care of children. 

To learn more about this program, you can check our Wiki section and the frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, you can also send us a message!

Hosting an Au Pair from the European Union and EFTA in Italy

To take part in the Au Pair cultural exchange in Italy, citizens of the European Union and EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) only need to meet the following requirements: 
  1. Age: 17 - 30  years 
  2. Valid passport or identity card
After getting to know each other better through messages and video calls and choosing a candidate, it’s time to sign the contract. Afterwards, there are just a few steps you need to follow: 

Insurance in Italy
Citizens of the EU countries can benefit from the Italian health system (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale - SSN) through the European Health Insurance Card. Families should remind their future Au Pairs to request the card in their home country. To avoid any unexpected fees and surprises, we suggest getting a private insurance too.
Registration of the Au Pair
All Italian citizens hosting a foreign participant in their home need to register him/her at their local office after the arrival. This is called hospitality declaration (dichiarazione di ospitalità) and is granted by the Municipal Police.
Fiscal Code
Host Families should assist their Au Pairs to process a fiscal code (Codice Fiscale) which is needed for different tax and administrative purposes. This code is granted by the Agenzia delle Entrate and consists of an individual number.

Program regulations and more

How to hire an Au Pair from a Non-EU country?

Citizens from Non-European Union countries need a visa to get a residence permit in Italy. This document is processed at the Italian Embassy in the applicant’s residence country. In order for the permit to be approved, they will need to fulfil the following requirements:
  • Different nationality than Italian
  • Age: 18 - 30
  • Medical Insurance that covers the length of the stay
  • Valid passport
  • Ability to afford the travel and visa expenses
  • Proof of joining a course in Italy
If your Au Pair fulfils all the requirements, all you need to do is start preparing everything for the stay. Here are the steps to follow: 
Take care of the Au Pair contract
Sign the agreement with your Au Pair. Include everything of importance like the working schedule, responsibilities, salary, holidays and expectations to avoid problems during the stay
Insurance in Italy
All Non-EU/EFTA participants need an insurance for Italy to make their stay safe. Italian Host Families can help their guest with the procedure and even cover a part of the fee. 
Registration and residence permit 
Italian families who host an Au Pair need to register him/her once he/she is in Italy. This is called hospitality declaration (Dichiarazione di ospitalità) and can be processed at the Municipal Police (questura). Afterwards, they will be able to transform their visa into a residence permit (Permesso di soggiorno).
Fiscal Code
Everyone living in Italy needs to request a fiscal code (Codice Fiscale) for different tax and administrative purposes. This code is provided by the Agenzia delle Entrate. Host Families should support their Au Pair with this process. 
Learn more about the Au Pair program in Italy!

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