How can I become an Au Pair in Italy?

Is there any place in this world, where people are always smiling?
Yes, it is Milan, in Italy. In this city there is a legal requirement to smile all the time - with the exceptions of hospital visits. Sounds odd? Don’t worry - Italy has much more to offer than ingenious legislation. 
The Au Pair program is a cultural exchange for young people, craving to see the world and get to know different cultures. Thus, it is expected that the Au Pair is a young person who hasn’t started a family yet and has neither children nor a spouse. 
The applicants should also be of a different than the Italian nationality and know the Italian language to the extent allowing them to communicate with the Host Family and local people. 
Become an Au Pair in Italy and get to know this country from the inside! If you are from a EU country - just keep reading. If you happen to be from any other country, click here and follow our simple steps. 

Au Pair in Italy requirements for EU citizens

Are you from a European Union country? You are in the right place! 
Then there is only one requirement for you to fulfil: the age. Are you already 17 years old, but still not older than 30? Yes? Then join us!

Au Pair free registration

Au pairing in Italy - step by step

Find your Host Family at
Register with us, create an account and start looking for your future Host Family. Browse through the Host Family profiles and check if they would be a good match for you. Send them a message and get in touch. 
Sign the contract
Before you book the ticket or go abroad, sign the contract with your Host Family. Meet up during the video call and discuss all the points stated in your contract together! 
As a European Union citizen you can receive your EHIC - make sure to read more about it at We recommend to purchase an extra insurance for Italy - but whatever you decide, make sure to sort this case before your departure! 
Pack your suitcase! 
That’s almost all - as an EU citizen you don’t need a visa to enter Italy. Now pack your luggage and book the ticket! 


Au Pair in Italy requirements for Non-EU citizens

In case of Italy the requirements of the Au Pair program are almost the same for both EU and Non-EU citizens. 
If you are from any country which doesn’t belong to the European Union, have a look if you can say the following:
  1. I am at least 18 years old, but not older than 30 years. 
  2. I am entitled to a visa to Italy
Is that you? We hope so!
Au Pair free registration

Become an Au Pair in Italy as a Non-EU citizen

There is a bit more to do in your case, but don’t worry, we will guide you through the whole process. Just follow our simple steps:

Find a Host Family at 
Search through Host Families registered with us - you will surely find one that fits you here! Register, create an account, add some pictures and get started.
Video call
Speak with your Host Family - discuss the terms of your cooperation and decide how long your stay is going to last. Your visa may depend on it. 
Check your passport
Make sure that your passport is valid and will remain valid through the whole length of your prospective stay.
Sign down the contract 
Discuss with your Host Family all the terms of your future cooperation and sign the contract.
Visa application and insurance
Have a look at the information related to visa to Italy and get to know what your next steps are. You may need to submit a statement of your health insurance along with the visa application.
Book the ticket
… and get ready to travel. Make sure that you packed all the necessities and go chasing your dreams! 

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