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Share your experience: Become an Au Pair blogger!

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Become a blogger: share your Au Pair experience!
In a world where social media plays such an important role, blogging is no longer just a hobby. Anyone who has relevant experience and minor storytelling skills can become a blogger nowadays. Guess what? You can do it as well! If you ever thought “I want to start a blog” then this article may give you some general image on where and how to start. Ready? Let’s dive right in! 

What does a blogger do?

At first, that seems to be an easy question to answer: a blogger runs a blog. However, if we’re talking about a professional blogger then the answer becomes a bit more complex: a professional blogger runs a blog, knows at least the basics of content writing, copywriting, has some photography and/or editing skills, is aware of email marketing, SEO and SMM, familiar with the ways how to monetize the blog and, last but not least, is an expert (expert doesn’t necessarily mean one should have a diploma but rather an experience) on the topic(s) she/he makes blog content about. It may seem like a lot but everyone starts somewhere and if you truly love blogging learning all these things won’t be very hard. You can see a list of some blogger’s tasks below - and get inspired!
  • create new, authentic content 
  • use pictures that fit the content
  • read/watch bloggers who create the content on the same topic and repost from them if it’s relevant or even write for them
  • share the work they do on personal social media
  • deal with spam and comments - read them and reply
  • know what are the income opportunities 
  • be present on professional social media like LinkedIn 
  • be curious about new trends in blogging and always update themselves on the new information on their topic 
  • keep an eye on Google Analytics, be aware of how to use it 
  • not only create content but also produce unique products like a podcast about your experience, an online course or a handbook. 
One other thing to mention is that you can choose either if you want to be self-employed or create blog content for a company. For instance, check our blog - there are some articles written by your fellow Au Pairs. The main difference between them is that for the second option you don’t always need to have experience but you’re expected to have good researching and analyzing skills.

How much does a blogger earn?

It is hard to have an exact average that a blogger earns per month as each case is different. Successful bloggers can earn up to 5,000 per month. However, you will, of course, have to work your way up to earning this amount and can not expect to earn this when you first begin blogging. There are some key elements you should consider before blogging: 
  • topic - if it's a very popular topic, think about what can you offer that is different; 
  • frequency - there are some rules but you can also rely on common sense: don’t post too often, it’s annoying but also don’t let your followers forget about you;
  • quality - even if you’re a beginner and didn’t create any content yet, you still can repost things or take pictures from a quality website such as Stock and Getty Images,but keep in mind that you need to have a quality standard: google where to look for nice free pictures, how fact-checking works or learn how to take a good video with your laptop camera - bloggers all over the web share their knowledge;
  • income - we could write an own article about it but the main idea is to use as many ways and sources as possible. You can offer your expertise, create a course or sell ads - there are many means and combinations on how to make money from blogging, just remember to stay creative and try out new methods! 
  • naturalness - if you want your blog to be interesting and helpful for followers try to be organic and coherent, which means don’t post about “everything and anything”. If you decide to create a blog for Au Pairs make sure your content is relevant for them. 

Where to start?

The first rule: don’t be afraid to start a blog! You can try and if you decide it’s not for you or it’s not the right time - you can just leave it and get back to it later. 

As any professional job, blogging requires some discipline. If you want to see the results of your work you need to create a plan, set a goal and stick to it. This is how the plan and schedule can look:
  • Think about what you want to achieve and set up a deadline
  • Choose a platform and type of content (video, photography, writing, etc.)
  • Write a brief outline of your plan for the first 5 publications (topics only)  
  • Conduct research and don’t forget about fact-checking
  • Create content - each post should have a certain length and a certain amount of pictures
  • Make regular posts and let followers get used to checking your blog every day or every three days or every week

How being an Au Pair can help you become a blogger 

Of course, one may think “I just spent time with kids and helped a Host Family with some light housework”. But don’t forget, you took part in cultural exchange and your work in childcare is not a routine, but a unique experience! Remember how you felt looking for a Host Family, trying to understand if your “Dear Family Letter” is good enough and wondering what to expect. Weren’t you looking for someone who’s been involved in this process? Someone who went through all steps and could help you by sharing how long it took and what exactly you should do? Maybe you didn’t find the right person but you can become one for future Au Pairs - and not only for them if you share other information you feel an expert on. 

Talk about your work: blogging is an opportunity to help other Au Pairs with tips and advice, find out what they think and make friends!


Of course, there are many things you can talk or write about while being an Au Pair. Don’t limit your interests by one topic and consider starting a beauty or lifestyle blog. Or maybe you want to share pictures and hints from your last journey, addresses of best local restaurants and “must visit” places? Then think about a travel or food blog, or even combine both! Or you may think about becoming an influencer - a person who offers insights and knowledge on specific topics.Influencers can have an impact on his/her followers decisions because they trust him/her tastes, knowledge and share similar values. 

Blog platforms

We know it may look confusing and easy to get lost with all this information. To make it a bit more comfortable for you to start we made a list of possible platforms. Check them out, they all offer different features and also it may help you to choose the type of content you’d like to create. 

Instagram, Youtube, Facebook - no need to introduce, these platforms most of us use them every day. Decide which one you prefer - or use them all and get more people to read/watch/like your content.
Tilda, WIX, Squarespace - super intuitive, offer nice free templates. 
Wordpress - a bit more sophisticated than the ones mentioned above but gives you more options to customize your blog.
Telegram - it’s not only a messaging app but also a platform you can use to create a channel and write blog posts using their own feature, Telegraph. Advantage: completely anonymous if that’s what you’re looking for.

Are you interested to learn more about various jobs after your Au Pair stay? Then stay tuned and read more next Thursday! 
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