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5 myths about the Au Pair program

by Galina SeminaReading time: 2 min.
5 myths about the Au Pair program
We know that the unknown sometimes seems scary. Going abroad is already an adventure, and who knows how it will work out in the end? But don’t worry: with a good preparation, there is no need to be scared! 
Let’s find out more about the Au Pair program together!

MYTH 1. An Au Pair is the same like a nanny

This is not entirely true – that’s why our program has a different name. The main difference between a nanny and an Au Pair is this: when you work as an Au Pair abroad, you take part in a cultural exchange which means that you are welcomed in the family as a new family member.  You will also receive some benefits such as a free language course plus accommodation and board. Also, the advantage of the program is the ability to receive a special Au Pair visa.

MYTH 2. The Au Pair works as a housekeeper

And NO again! It is NOT the duty of the Au Pair to clean the entire house (only if it is specified in the Au Pair contract in advance or when it is paid additionally by mutual agreement of both parties). However, the key responsibilities of the Au Pair, in addition to caring for the children themselves, are also cleaning their room and nursery, preparing breakfast for the children and clothes for them. All conditions are fixed in advance in the Au Pair contract - this is an official document that is signed by both parties before the start of the program.
You can download the Au Pair contract here 

MYTH 3. Au Pairing is volunteering

Au pairing is absolutely not like volunteering as you get paid for your work instead! The Au Pair program is a cultural exchange (as you can read above) for which you will receive a salary (pocket money). The amount is different for each country, but on average it is 250-350 € per month. And provided that you live and eat at the expense of the Host Family, many Au Pairs manage to save their money and then spend it on traveling around the country and other dreams.

MYTH 4. An Au Pair stay is expensive

Yes, it is not for free. But for the opportunity to live and work abroad for a year, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge of the language, which you will certainly master perfectly - this is worth it. Besides, the Au Pair only pays for tickets, visa and insurance, and often a part of these expenses is at least partly covered by the Host Family. Also, you can save the fee of a full-service agency for most countries and collect all the necessary documents yourself finding a Host Family for free on our website.
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MYTH 5. An Au Pair stay is for girls only

There are no restrictions, only your desire to work with children is important! There are many wonderful male Au Pairs who have found their ideal job in this program and get along well with their Host Families who decided to hire a bropair. If you are enthusiastic and dream of combining work, travel and language learning - there should be no limits for you!
Can I become an Au Pair? Find out here
We hope you have learned a lot more about the Au Pair program and already feel that it is exactly the right thing for you!
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We wish you good luck in your search for your ideal Host Family!

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