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Becoming a children's entertainer: How the Au Pair experience can help you

by Galina SeminaReading time: 4 min.
Becoming a children's entertainer: How the Au Pair experience can help you
If you like children and consider yourself as a person who is very smiley, open-minded, creative and - the main point - you can’t live without people’s attention, then a job as a children’s entertainer would just be right for you!

But what is a children’s entertainer?

In general, this is a person, who works with children and entertains them.

There are different types within this profession. The most popular children’s entertainers are magicians, clowns, heroes of movies and cartoons, jugglers - and don’t forget about Santa, of course! You can involve all of your previous experience and become a fantasy dancer, artist with magic paintings, be the person drawing different stories on sand, funny photographer in a costume and more.

How much do children’s entertainers earn?

It depends on your background, the type of clients - if you’re self-employed or corporate, on the promotion you’ve done before, the day of week, the season and, of course, your enthusiasm! If you already gained some working experiences you will get 100-150$ per hour on overage. But what about  additional costs? For example you would need to rent a costume, if you don’t have one on your own, greasepaint if needed, expendable materials and transport tickets or taxi.

How to start as a children's entertainer?

Many things in life depend not only on our abilities and talents, but primarily on the purpose and desire to acquire skills and learn something new. Starting from scratch is always difficult, but your strong desire will help you succeed. If you like the profession of children's entertainer, you can get a job at the children's center close to your home working as an animator, and when you’ve got enough experience you can collect your portfolio and start promoting yourself. But what if your city does not have such opportunities? The good things about working as a children's enterainer is that you can easily work abroad. A great option to gain first experiences related to kids abroad is working as Au Pair.

How the Au Pair experience can help you to become a children's entertainer

Au Pairing gives you a lot of new skills you can realize in the future. So even if you just had a contract as an Au Pair, you’ve learnt many ideas how to entertain children and organize their gaming time. Of course, you’ve already checked how children react to your performance and maybe you even feel that you start to behave like an actor for them. Therefore you know that kids are the most attentive viewers and you enjoy being in the middle of attention.

Of course, the Au Pair program is a special experience of communication not only with children but with a family, too. To learn more click here and you will understand how many advantages you can catch with the Au Pair program.

If you already have experience of performing on stage, you can boost your skills and even make a portfolio during your Au Pairing time. How? Just follow these steps.

1. Ask your Host Family about the possibility to take photos/ make videos of their children

Of course recording your performances for the kids is a good idea to enrich your portfolio. But beforehand you should always ask for your Host Family's permission. Most of the families will surely confirm but to avoid any misunderstanding you should do this before filming or taking photo.

2. Find an interesting scenario or create your ownrn

Ask yourself about your strengths and weaknesses and think about the main idea of your performance. But before it’s better to find out the preferences of your young actors because their satisfaction is priority (these rules work in children’s world and you should consider them).

3. Prepare space and costumes

The real game starts now! You can create amazing scenes at home or even outside, using just stuff that you have around - sofas, pillows, curtains, flowers and branches if needed. Then go to the wardrobe and find clothes to dress like their heroes. Makeup and accessories - and you are real performer!

4.  Find the best camera angles

Use your tripod or just what you will find at home to set your camera. It’s even better if you ask your Host Parents to watch your performance and take some photos.

5. Collect your portfolio

The Au Pair experience gives you a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. Do you know that you will have the opportunity to go to a languages course in the host country? So you can improve your new language skills and will have  the possibility to work as a children's entertainer abroad. If you haven’t chosen a target country for your Au Pair stay yet you can find more information here. Of course your chances of finding a job abraod will increase when you improve your language skills while being an Au Pair. Moreover you can use this time to enrich your portfolio entertaining the little ones. 

Just imagine: you will spend a year (more or less - depends of your Au Pair contract) in a new country, boosting your skills with children, communicating with people, travelling (in your holidays) and enriching your future portfolio with photo and video content!

Tips from an experienced Au Pair

Update your profile in social media especially for your future work. You can choose your artist name (pseudonym) and publish your experience as a children's entertainer. Find your style and collect your client base! Actually you can invest your time during your stay preparing to perform with children. Often, children are open for such kind of pastime, so both of you will be happy!

Enjoy your experience!

You want to learn more about different jobs after the Au Pair stay? Then click here and find even more options!
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