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Au Pair in the UK: Guided Tours for Au Pairs

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Its unlikely that you haven't, but have you heard about the UK? Not only England, but Scotland and Wales are some of the most beautiful places in the world. Also there is no better place to practice your english, get to know dialects and study different types of anglosaxon culture. You should definetly check this Au paur Guide Tour!
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Most people tend to confuse England and United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is formed by several countries that include: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Each country has its own beauty and you can spend your Au Pair stay in any of them.

You just have to pack your stuff, take your English dictionary and prepare all your documents for an incredible time as Au Pair in the United Kingdom.

Au Pair in London

The most important city of England, London is number one search of everyone who wants to work as Au Pair in the UK. People from all around the are world working and living there, and it’s not a surprise!

Become an Au Pair in England
This city has lots of things to offer. First of all, there’s the most famous clock worldwide - The Big Ben close to the Westminster Abbey. For all our literature lovers seeing a play at the Shakespeare’s Globe can be a dream. You prefer modern literature? How about taking a picture at platform 9 ¾ if you’re a Harry Potter fan?

If you prefer being outside visit places like Trafalgar Square or Piccadilly Circus or take a walk through Portobello market in Notting Hill. Finally go to the Buckingham Palace and witness the famous changing of the guards. Au Pairing in London is a experience you can’t miss.

Au Pair in Manchester

It is considered the second most important city in the United Kingdom after London, so being an Au Pair in Manchester is the perfect idea, especially if you like art, football (soccer) and music. A visit at the Manchester Art Gallery can be a good plan to do both with friends or your Host Family.  

Become an Au Pair in Manchester
But if you want to see something different, then go to the Greater Manchester Police Museum, and learn about the history of policing in the Victorian era.

Also for all football fans this city is a paradise. Home of the two teams of the city: Manchester United and Manchester city. Watching a football match in one of their stadiums is like being in heaven.

Manchester is also very well-known for bands like Oasis or The Smiths, so just join one of the Manchester Music Tours and learn more about the music created in Manchester. This city must be on your list of possible destinations to work as Au Pair.

Au Pair in Liverpool

Au Pairing in Liverpool is a great experience if you like walking and taking pictures. Why is that? This city has a lot of things to see. Take a walk by Sefton Park or just go to Tate Liverpool and see the exhibitions of modern art that take place there or take a ferry down the Mersey.

Become an Au Pair in Liverpool
Also Liverpool is the city with more sculptures than any other in the UK, and many of them represent famous people like John Lennon. Speaking of the devil a visit to John Lennon’s childhood home, or a visit to the Beatles museum are very recommendable for all Beatles’ fans.

An interesting option too is to visit Liverpool’s Chinatown where the oldest Chinese population in Europe lives. As you can see spending your stay in the home of the Beatles doesn’t sound like a bad idea to work as Au Pair, right?

Au Pair in Edinburgh

The first thing that comes to your mind when someone talks about Scotland is “nature” or “landscapes”? It’s not a surprise - this country has a lot of amazing spots to get the perfect picture.

If you decide to work as Au Pair in Edinburgh you have to go to Arthur’s Seat, a perfect hiking activity to get the best views from the city. Scotland is also known from its many castles, and Edinburgh Castle is an example of that. Visit with your Host Family one of the UK’s favorite attractions.

Become an Au Pair in Edinburgh
Another perfect activity to do is a visit to Camera Obscura, a museum of visual illusions. Also as you will meet other people Au Pairing in Edinburgh, a good plan is to go with them to a bar and have a good glass of Scotch whiskey, and head to a club later. Edinburgh is the perfect place for your Scottish adventure.

Au Pair in Brighton

Become an Au Pair in Hampshire
Brighton, Hampshire
Brighton is Brit’s favorite destination for holidays in the UK. Believe it or not, you can take a bath with friends in some of the beaches there!

Also the Royal Pavilion will take your breath away with its architecture. It looks like something taken out from Aladdin. Did the kids or you broke something while you were playing at home? Go straight to North Laine, a place with uncountable retailers. You will surely find what you’re looking for.

If you sometimes feel an artist, then visit the painting pottery cafe and customize one if its pottery items. But if you prefer to move and do some sport, go with your Host Family or other Au Pairs to Globalls. An indoor mini golf with ultraviolet lights and neon dinos decorating the place. Au Pair in Brighton will be a funny experience for sure.

Au Pair in Bristol

Bristol is situated on the south-west part of England, very close to Wales. Many Au Pairs work in Bristol because it’s a city full of students. Its nightlife full of bars and discos attracts every Au Pair who wants to party hard after a hard week with the kids.

Become an Au Pair in Bristol
Bristol offers as well a very cultural and artistic experience. Get into the time machine and go back to Bristol’s prehistoric times and learn all about Bristol’s history at M Shed museum.

For urban art lovers, there are lots of early Banksy graffitis throughout the city. And for our nostalgic Au Pairs in Bristol, who likes fairy tales the Cabot Tower will make you live in person Rapunzel’s story. Bristol offers lots of activities for any kind of person.

Au Pair in Cardiff

Working as Au Pair in Wales is possible if you decide to spend your Au Pair stay in Cardiff. Although it is still an industrial city due to is coal production, there are a lot of things to do and see in this city.

Become an Au Pair in Cardiff
First of all, you must visit Cardiff Castle, this land doesn’t have a dragon on his flag for nothing, and you will find more in the area. A good thing to do is to ride a bike around the city, sport and culture altogether. At St Fagans National Museum of History you will be able to see lots of rescued and rebuilt buildings from all around Wales!

By the way, in Cardiff you can also feel like in Italy. Take a water taxi just like in Venezia or have a Tiramisu at Toni Amici. As Au Pair in Cardiff you will have an amazing experience, and maybe you might have an Italian dessert afterwards.

Au Pair in Newcastle

If you want to stay as Au Pair in Newcastle the first thing you should do is to discover where the city got its name from. Visit Newcastle’s Castle, in the beginning it was two Norman forts, but nowadays they are joined together as one attraction for the people.

Become an Au Pair in Newcastle
In case you want to see more architectural attractions you have to cross one of the seven bridges the city has, being Tyne Bridge the most famous. During your walk go through Grey Streets, categorized by BBC listener’s as the most beautiful street in the UK.

You can also take the kids to Grey’s Monument, go up those 164 steps to the top and get a breathtaking view of Newcastle. Once you have finished visiting this amazing city maybe you want to party with your Au Pair friends. Just explore with your friends it different neighborhoods like Quayside and have a pint with them! Newcastle is a lively city.

Au Pair in Belfast

The capital of Northern Ireland is very well known by its nautical history, as the Titanic shipped from its port in 1912. So as Au Pair in Belfast, what do you have to do first? Of course visiting the world’s biggest Titanic Museum.

Become an Au Pair in Belfast
Au Pair in Belfast
What is also cool about Belfast is its Titanic Harbour Boat Tour, as different way of going on a tour. However if you are one of those who gets sick on a boat, the Belfast City Sightseeing Tour is what you’re looking for.

Not enough? Then a visit to one of the most sophisticated prisons of its time, the Crumlin Gaol Road, might be the perfect tour for you.Northern Ireland is also known for its landscapes, and going to the Giant’s Causeway will support this claim. A natural wonder!

Finally and after a long day visiting monuments you will just have a beer and talk with your friends. A Belfast Pub Crawl will be undoubtedly the perfect ending four you and other friends in Belfast.

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