Au Pair in Spain visa requirements

There is no official Au Pair program in Spain, thus there is no official Au Pair visa. Yet Non-EU participants need to apply for a visa to be able to become an Au Pair in Spain.  
Most of the participants planning to stay less than 3 months in Spain do not need a visa. If they want to stay 3 months or longer, they need to apply for a visa at the Spanish embassy in their home country. The type of visa the participants need and the application package differs from country to country. We recommend to contact the Spanish embassy in the Au Pair’s home country and get more information. 
We’ve created a list of different countries, to share the requirements for different nationalities. If a country is not in the list, please read the information under “other countries”. 

Australia and Canada

If an applicant wants to be an Au Pair in Spain for less than 3 months, she/he won’t need a visa. If the Au Pair plans to stay longer than 3 months there are two different visas that the participant can apply for. 
One is the Student “Au Pair” Visa in Canada and Australia or the Youth Mobility Programme Visa in Australia and Canada. The YMV will allow the participant to study, work and travel in Spain for up to 12 months, but the Au Pair is only allowed to stay with a family for 6 months. The number of Youth Mobility visas is limited though. So it is necessary to contact the embassy of Spain in Australia and Canada accordingly. 

New Zealand Au Pairs in Spain

If candidates are citizens from New Zealand and plan to stay less than 3 months in Spain they won’t need a visa.
The Working Holiday Visa works for New Zealand applicants if they want to spend some time in Spain. For more information please contact the Spanish embassy in New Zealand. With the WHV participants are not allowed to stay with the same family for 3 months or work more than 6 months.

Visa requirements for South African citizens

Applicants from South Africa have the opportunity to get an Au Pair Visa at the Spanish embassy in Cape Town

Visa requirements for Filipino citizens

Candidates from the Philippines can apply for the Student - Au Pair Visa. They need to meet similar requirements to the general student visa, however, we suggest to contact immigration authorities for more information

Working Holiday Visa for Japanese citizens

Spain recently signed a Working Holiday agreement with Japan. Candidates can apply for this Visa at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo

Working Holiday Visa for Argentine citizens

Applicants from Argentina can take part in the Au Pair program through the Working Holiday agreement.  Participants are allowed to stay up to 12 months, however, they can only work for up to 6. For more information please contact the Spanish Embassy in Buenos Aires.

American Au Pairs in Spain - requirements for USA

The visa type the applicants need differs from state to state. For that reason they should check the requirements with the Spanish embassy. If they stay less than 3 months they won’t need a visa at all. 
To apply for a visa they will definitely need:
Please call the embassy before your appointment and ask if you need any other documents. 
The participants can apply for an Au Pair Visa for Spain if they are from:

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida
Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois
Indiana Iowa Louisiana Kansas
Kentucky Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada
New Jersey New Mexico New York North Dakota
Northern California Oklahoma Ohio Oregon
Pacific Islands Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota
Southern California* Tennessee Texas Utah
Washington Wisconsin Wyoming  

*counties: Imperial, Inyo, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura
The participants can apply for a Student Visa if they are from:

Islas Vírgenes Islas de Culebra Maine Maryland
Massachusetts New Hampshire North Carolina Puerto Rico
Rhode Island Vermont Vieques Virginia
Washington DC West Virginia    

Requirements for other countries

Applicants should always ask the Spanish embassy at their home country about the requirements and rules for a stay in Spain. 
Citizens of many countries won’t need a visa to stay less than 90 days in Spain. But it is important to check that. It’s also possible that a participant will need a short term visa (Schengen Visa). 
Irrespective of the length of stay, the participants need a proof that they can afford to stay in Spain. They will also need the signed Au Pair contract to prove the purpose of their stay in Spain. In addition to this, the family has to obtain an invitation letter from the police station. Once the Host Family got the letter they have to send it to the Au Pair for further legal formalities. 
If an Au Pair stays more than 90 days, the participant can apply for a Student Visa. It requires the applicants to take a Spanish class in Spain. The applicant has to enroll for it before the arrival to Spain. The participant needs to attend this class for at least 20 hours a week.
People that are interested in going to Spain should always check if they are eligible for a Working Holiday Visa.

What else?

  • Note, the applicants from Latin America can not become an Au Pair in Spain, because the participants speak the Spanish language already. Learning a language is one of the main points of the Au Pair program

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