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How to become an Au Pair in Spain: requirements

Au Pair in Spain requirements
Did you know that Spain has 46 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – prehistoric rock art, historic cities and buildings, bridges, national parks and landscapes? Only Italy with 53 sites and China with 52 have more. 
If these facts are interesting for you, being an Au Pair in Spain will be a great experience to explore many more. The participant can have a look at all the amazing Spanish sites while the Host Family can show him/her around. 
Before moving further to the application process, let’s look into the requirements and expectations. We expect all the applicants to have some experience in child care as this will be the main responsibility of an Au Pair abroad. In addition to this, a good state of health, unmarried family status and no own children are inofficial criteria. Above all, there are few mandatory requirements mentioned below. EU-citizens can just keep reading. If you are from a Non-European Union country, scroll down

Au Pair in Spain requirements for EU citizens

The requirements of the Au Pair program in Spain vary depending on the Au Pair's home country. We have collected all the information valid for European Union citizens:
  • Age: 18 - 30 years 
  • Language skills: Basic knowledge of Spanish. Knowledge of English, French or German will also work, since families are often looking for someone to teach a language to their children. 
  • Clear criminal record
If all the points above are about you, don't wait and …
Au Pair free registration

Step by step application process for EU citizens!

You can also just follow the following steps to become an Au Pair:

Find a Host Family in Spain
Search for a Host Family at - register for free, fill in your profile, add pictures to make it more interactive and start looking for the perfect candidates.
Sign the contract and think of an insurance for Spain
Sign the agreement, make sure that you already have your European Health Insurance Card and get some more information about other private insurance in Spain. It’s important to be safe during your travels!
Pack your bags and get prepared!
As an EU citizen, there is almost nothing more for you to do. You don't need a visa to enter Spain. Just make sure that you packed everything that you need and book the ticket.

Au Pair in Spain requirements for Non-EU citizens

If your home country doesn't belong to the European Union, the requirements may be a little different. But don't worry in advance and check if the points below refer to you:  
  • You are of age 18 - 30
  • You have basic knowledge of Spanish. Also knowledge of French or English would be preferred, since some families are looking for someone who can teach those languages to their children. 
  • Education: you have at least an intermediate school certificate, also a university degree is a plus
  • You are entitled to a visa
  • You can pay for visa, travel and few other Au Pair expenses
Did you keep nodding while reading all the points above? Great! 
Au Pair free registration

Au Pair program in Spain - step by step for Non-EU citizens:

Sometimes it seems like there is no end in sight if you look at the whole process. But once you’ve reached Spain you won’t regret your effort. Just follow the steps below that will guide you:

Look for a Host Family at
If you are already registered with us, make sure that your profile is filled out completely and start sending messages! Read our handbook for participants and learn more about the process of searching the perfect match.
Check your passport
Make sure that your passport is valid during the application and the whole time of your stay in Spain!
Sign the contract
The contract is the most important document for the visa application. You will definitely need the original to apply. Discuss all the details with your Host Family and ask them to sign it and send it to you as fast as possible. 
Submit your visa application
Depending on your nationality, you have to choose the right visa to Spain which will allow you to stay and work in the country. provides you with all the details.
Au Pair insurance in Spain
If you applied for a visa you should also take care of your insurance for Spain. The insurance should cover the whole length of your stay - make sure to talk to your Host Family about it! It is also possible that you need the insurance papers for the visa application. Please check that with the Spanish embassy in your home country. 
Get ready for the travel
Are you going by plane or train? Get the ticket and pack all the documents that will be necessary for the border control. You will be asked for your visa, ID card and passport! It might also be possible that you will be asked for the contract that you and the hosts have to sign. So don’t forget it!

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