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Au Pair Insurance - Make your Au Pair stay abroad safe
Insurance is important to make your Au Pair stay safe. Learn more how insurance differs for EU and non-EU citizens and whether you need a private insurance.
Au Pair experience pros and cons: should I become an Au Pair?
Au Pair program has its own specifics. To understand if this experience is suitable for you, read more about pros and cons of the program in this post.
About Au Pair program - Definition
The Au Pair program: definition of Au Pair and host family, how the program works, expenses and other important details you need to know about the program.
Au Pair / Host Family letter: tips to make a nice impression
Are you wondering how to write a letter to your future Au Pair or Host Family and present yourself? Here is some practical advice for you.
Au Pair interview: tips to prepare for Skype talk
Skype interview is an important stage of the Au Pair program. Learn more how to prepare for the interview and which questions to discuss during the talk.
Au Pair salary: pocket money standard in different countries
Pocket money as well as weekly workload differs from country to country. This post has a table with important standards for payment and working hours.
Au Pair: problems that might occur and solutions to them
This post shares various situations that might occur during your Au Pair stay abroad. The problems and how to deal with them to find an effective solution.
Stay safe during the Au Pair program - advices before going abroad
There are important things you need to consider before going abroad as an Au Pair - just to be ready for possible changes of plans. This post shares a check list before departure.
Host family present: gift ideas for family members abroad
What to bring as a gift for your future host family and their kids? We have put up a list with gift ideas to save you shopping time before going abroad.
How to make friends abroad: Find friends as an Au Pair
As an Au Pair, you want to make friends abroad. Meeting new people will make you feel more comfortable in your new home. Read on how to make new friends.

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