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Au Pair ID card - get discounts during your Au Pair stay!

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Get your Au Pair ID card and show it at the entrance of museums, cultural centres and gyms to get discounts during your Au Pair stay.
All you need to do is submit your application online, upload a photo of you and wait for your Host Family's approval. Once ready, download the document and carry it with you at all times!
Au Pair ID card
We are happy to show you the latest feature available for our Au Pairs: the Au Pair ID card. The Au Pair ID card will make your Au Pair stay abroad even more enjoyable!

What is the Au Pair ID card?

It is a printable card that you can easily download directly from the dashboard of your profile on
The card contains all the Au Pair's basic information such as first name, last name and date of birth. Additionally, it also displays information about the Au Pair’s stay, such as the name of the Host Family and the length of stay.

Why is the Au Pair ID card useful?

As participants of an international, cultural and educational program, Au Pairs should be considered as students. Therefore, by showing the Au Pair ID card they could have access to many discounts, especially for cultural and social events. Find out about discounts available for students and young people in your host city!

How to get the Au Pair ID card?

To be able to apply for the Au Pair ID card, you have to add your Host Family to your hotlist first. If you didn’t, you can still apply for the card, but you’ll need to take one more step.
  1. Log into your profile
  2. Click on “During the Au Pair stay” and then on “Au Pair ID card”
  3. Add your Host Family from your hotlist. If the Family is not in the list, you can search them using their member ID or email address.
  4.  Fill in the requested information about you, upload a picture and write a short report
  5. Your Host Family will receive an email and will have to confirm that the length of the stay you provided us with is correct
  6. After the Host Family’s approval, your ID card will be ready to be downloaded. You will receive a notification and be able to print and laminate it

How does the Au Pair ID card work?

The Au Pair ID card works like a student card. After downloading it, you should print it and bring it with you when you go to museums, cinemas or would like to attend cultural events in your city. If your city has a special offer for students, you will receive discounts and special offers to purchase tickets.
It could also be useful to obtain discounts in gyms, bookshops and public transportation. 

How to use the Au Pair ID card

Bring your card with you and show it when you would like to prove that you are an Au Pair. The card will display your picture, your full name, date of birth and nationality, as well as your Host Family’s full name, city and zip code. Make sure you always have your ID card with you so you can prove that the displayed information reported is real. 
The validity of the card will also be visible, along with a QR code to certify the authenticity of the document. 

What else?

  • Upload a passport photo: make sure the photo you choose to upload is of good quality. Do not choose selfies or photos with friends.
  • Has your Au Pair stay already ended? Unfortunately, we cannot issue an Au Pair ID card, but we can write out a certificate to include in your CV.

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