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Host Families - Au Pair in Austria

Do you consider becoming a host family in Austria? Then you probably have a lot of questions. In the following AuPair.com is giving you the answers to the most important questions about the Au Pair program in Austria. 

1. Can we become a Host Family?
2. Au Pair wages and hours
3. Time off and holiday
4. Length of stay
5. Does my Au Pair need a visa?
6. Insurance
7. What should my Au Pair do /  NOT do?

1. Can we become a Host Family?

Host families in Austria should meet certain requirements in order to be entitled to host an Au Pair: 
  • They must have at least 1 child under 18
  • The Au Pair should be entitled to a private room
  • They should be willing to pay the Au Pair 405,98 gross a month
  • German must be their main language
  • They are looking for an Au Pair with a different nationality than their own

The conditions for Au Pairs can be found here.

2. Au Pair wages and hours


Au Pairs in Austria earn a monthly amount of 405,98 euro gross.

Travelling expenses are usually paid by the Au Pair. Nevertheless, some Host Families are willing to share the costs once the Au Pair has been living with them for a while.
Please do not transfer money to the Au Pair before its arrival! If you want to pay a share of the travel costs, arrange an installment payment with the Au Pair, starting after the Au Pair's arrival.


Au Pair in Austria are suppossed to work 19 hours a week

3. Time off and holiday

Au Pairs in Austria are entitled to at least one day off per week and will have 5 week's paid holiday for a 12- month period.

4. Length of stay

Between 6 and 12 months

5. Does my Au Pair need a visa?

  • Iceland, Lichenstein, Norway, Switzerland and EU-citizens do not need a visa in order to work as an Au Pair in Austria. However, if they are willing to stay longer than 3 months they will need to register.
  • Non-EU citizens will need to apply for a visa at the Austrian embassy in their home country. Host families will need to let the Job Service Center know about the Au Pair placement at least 2 weeks before it begins and they should also make sure the Au Pair has a health insurance in order to apply for the visa. 

Check our site for the visa application.

6. Insurance

European citizens

If your future Au Pair belongs to any EU-country member, they will be entitled to the European Health Insurance Card. However, it is recommended for them to close an accident and liability insurance together with your European Health Insurance Card.

Non-EU citizens
In Austria, the Au Pair is responsible for the insurance so make sure you inform yourself on the kind of insurance your Au Pair will be needing so that they move further on the process. We recommend the Host Family to pay for the accident and liability insurance.

If you are willing to pay for the Au Pair's insurance, the Pro Trip-World offers will offer your Au Pair an economic and trustworthy insurance. In order to close this insurance you will only need to fill the online form!

7. What should my Au Pair do / NOT do?

The Au Pair's main duty should be taking care of the children. However, there are some related duties the Au Pair could perform:

  • Play with the kids
  • Help the kids to get dressed
  • Take the kids to school / kindergarden or other activities
  • Prepare meals
  • Do some light housework
  • Babysit

The following tasks will NOT be included among the Au Pair's responsabilites:

  • Preparing meals for the whole family
  • Taking care of pets
  • Cleaning non-shared rooms
  • Taking care of someone else's children

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