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Become a Host Family in the Netherlands

Are you looking for someone to take care of your children while you’re at work? Hosting an Au Pair is the perfect option if you are looking for reliable and affordable childcare.
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Can you become a Host Family in the Netherlands?

Open the doors of your house to an international family member! Welcoming an Au Pair is the perfect chance for your kids to become more open-minded by getting to know another culture. These are the requirements for Host Families in the Netherlands:
  1. Have at least one child under the age of 18
  2. Be able to pay the Au Pairs expenses (meals, salary, insurance, etc.)
  3. Have a private room for your guest at the family home.
  4. The family is composed of 2 or more members. They have Dutch nationality or a valid residence permit for the Netherlands.
  5. Families and Au Pairs cannot be related. 
  6. They must be registered in the Netherlands in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) of the corresponding municipality.
If your family meets all the requirements, you can start looking for your candidate!

Free Registration as Family

First of all, you will need to create a free account on our website. Complete your profile, add some pictures and write a “welcome letter” to your future Au Pair! It is also very important to define what you expect from your new family member and describe your family.
Remember that having a profile on our website is free and allows you to send standard messages and add candidates to your favorites. However, you can also choose to become a Premium Member. This way, you will be able to send personalized messages, receive our handbook and get a template of the complete contract.
Before signing the contract it is important to check the requirements for EU and Non-EU candidates. Be sure to know the program regulations, visa process and all the other information before hiring an applicant.
If your candidate fulfills all the requirements then it’s time to sign the contract. Make sure to include the working schedule, responsibilities of the participant and your expectations.

Hosting EU and Non-EU applicants in the Netherlands

Candidates for the Netherlands will need to meet some general expectations, for example:
  • Good English knowledge - most agencies and families require Au Pairs to have very good English skills to be able to communicate with them. During their stay, candidates will also learn Dutch. 
  • Childcare experience 
  • Not being married or having children of their own
  • Being healthy
There are also some requirements that vary according to the nationality. Candidates from Non-EU/EFTA member countries need to request a visa and take a longer road towards their cultural exchange. However, being open to all nationalities will let you choose from a larger pool of applicants. 

Hosting an Au Pair from the European Union and EFTA

Citizens from European Union and EFTA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) countries need to meet the age requirements. They need to be 18-31 years old. 
Host Families can say “yes” to their candidates once they exchanged a few messages and talked during video calls. Afterwards, there are only some steps left to follow:
Find an Agency
The Netherlands official requirements establish that all families and candidates need to contact one of the agencies approved by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). The agency will assist them with the process and provide them with an official contract. 
Check if an Au Pair has insurance
Citizens from EU member countries can request the European Health Insurance Card to have access to the Dutch health system. The candidate needs to request a card in the country of residence. 
Register your Au Pair
After their arrival in the Netherlands, Au Pairs will need to register at the local office. 

How to hire an Au Pair from a Non-EU country?

Candidates with Non-European Union nationalities need a visa or a residence permit to live the experience in the Netherlands. For this process, they will need the assistance of one of the agencies approved by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).
The requirements for the Au Pair program in the Netherlands are:
  • Age between 18 - 31
  • Passport (it should be valid for the length of the stay)
  • Ability to afford the visa and travel expenses
  • The participant cannot be related to the Host Family  
  • Au Pair contract provided by one of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) approved agencies
  • The candidate has never had a residence permit for exchange purposes in the Netherlands 
  • The Au Pair has never worked for the Host Family
If your applicant fulfills all of the requirements, it is time to make the final arrangements. Have a look at the following steps:
Get your agency
Host Families need to contact one of the agencies recognized by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). The agency will manage the rest of the process, provide an official contract and start a residence procedure for an MVV (Temporary Residence Permit) and/or a VVR (Residence Permit Regular). 
Take care of the insurance
Official regulations establish that all residents in the Netherlands need to have health insurance. This can be acquired within four months after the arrival. To avoid any unnecessary and unexpected fees, we recommend getting a private health insurance in the Netherlands that covers accidents, illnesses and liability. 
Residence permit
Once in the Netherlands, Au Pairs must register at the local office within the first two weeks of their arrival. Afterwards, they will be able to obtain a residence permit. The IND will send all the information to the Au Pair agency which will contact the Au Pair and provide them with more information about the process. It is not necessary to make an appointment to pick up the residence permit.

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