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Host Families - Au Pair in England / UK

Do you consider becoming a host family in England/UK? Then you probably have a lot of questions. In the following AuPair.com is giving you the answers to the most important questions about the Au Pair program in England/UK. 
1. Can we become a Host Family?
2. Au Pair wages and hours
3. Time off and holiday
4. Length of stay
5. Does my Au Pair need a visa?
6. Insurance
7. What should my Au Pair do /  NOT do?

1. Can we become a Host Family?

  • There is at least 1 child under 18 in your family
  • You speak English at home
  • You can provide the Au Pair with a private room
  • You will be paying the Au Pair 70-100 GPB per week
  • You are looking for an Au Pair with a different nationality than your own

Check here the requirements for an Au Pair to become an Au Pair in England / UK.

2. Au Pair wages and hours


Au Pairs in England earn between 70 and 100 GPB weekly. In order to avoid missunderstandings, we do recommend you to open a bank account for your Au Pair in England and transfer the money monthly.

Although the Au Pair is the one in charge of bearing the flight to the family, some Host Families offer to share the travel expenses once they get to know the Au Pair and find their experience positive. 
Please do not transfer money to the Au Pair before its arrival! If you want to pay a share of the travel costs, arrange an installment payment with the Au Pair, starting after the Au Pair's arrival.


Your Au Pair will be working between 25 and 30 hours a week

3. Time off and holiday

The Au Pair will have one day off per week and at least once a month this day should be Sunday. Furthermore, the Au Pair will get 4 week's paid holiday for a twelve-month period.

4. Length of stay

Au Pairs in England can stay for up to 24 months. It is very important to discuss the lenght of stay in case the Au Pair needs a visa to work in England.

Au Pairs having a visa and staying for a shorter period could ask for an extension of the visa in case they want to make it up to 2 years (or shorter) once they are with the family. 

5. Does my Au Pair need a visa?

  • EU-citizens do not need a visa. They only need a valid passport / ID in order to work as an Au Pair in the United Kingdom. 
  • Non-EU citizens need to get a visa if they are willing to stay in England longer than 3 months. In order to get a visa, the Au Pair will need to get an invitation letter from the family and a signed contract and send both to the British consulates in order to start their application. Depending on the country they may need a different kind of visa but Au Pairs are usually allowed to stay in England for up to 2 years.
You can get further information on visa application.

6. Insurance

  • EU-citizens can get acces to the National Health Service (NHS) by providing the European Health Card. This card entitles you to primary health care in most European countries. Although this card allows Au Pairs to visit a doctor without any extra costs, they would need to pay for any treatment, prescription, etc. Au Pairs are recommended to ask for a private health insurance in their home country in order to make sure they will be full-covered if anything should happen.
  • Non-EU citizens should bear the costs of a health and accident insurance before leaving for England. I will not be possible to arrange an insurance policy once in the host country so they should make sure they are getting in before entering the country.
Pro Trip-World offers will offer your Au Pair an economic and trustworthy insurance. In order to close this insurance you will only need to fill the online form!

7. What should my Au Pair do / NOT do?

The main task of an Au Pair should be taking care of the Host Family`s children. However, the Au Pair may accept to perfom some other activities:

  • Get the kids ready for school or bed
  • Take the children to school or other activities and pick them up
  • Prepare meals for the children
  • Help the family with light housework
  • Babysit

Au Pair should NOT:

  • Prepare meals for the entire family
  • Keep non-shared rooms tidy
  • Look after pets
  • Take care of other children

Make sure you have checked the regulations on the official program in the United Kingdom in order to host an Au Pair and become a part of such an amazing experience.

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