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The Au Pair’s medical certificate

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The medical certificate is an overview of the health condition of the Host Family’s future Au Pair. The health checkup is important in order to exclude any possible objections against the stay abroad. If the Au Pair candidate has any pre-existing conditions, it is important to remember that in most cases the costs incurred will not be covered by the Au Pair insurance.
Medical certificate Au Pair
The Host Family must be able to rely on the commitment of their Au Pair. Often both parents are working and are therefore dependent on the support of their Au Pair in childcare and in the household. An Au Pair should have a certain resilience, as the job is not always stress-free and often requires strong nerves. In addition, a certain level of fitness is an advantage for many activities with children.
To show the health condition of the candidate, a medical certificate is a good tool. The Host Family decides what information should be included in this certificate. The certificate should be prepared by a general practitioner before the stay in the Au Pair's home country. The costs for this should be paid by the Host Family. 

Physical and mental health

In this section of the medical certificate, all current and chronic illnesses of the Au Pair as well as all regularly taken medications should be noted. If necessary, a pregnancy and drug test can also be performed. General information, such as the Au Pair's weight and height, may be of interest. 
For the Host Family the information about allergies of the Au Pair is essential. If the Au Pair is intolerant to certain foods the Host Family must prepare for a special diet of the candidate and consider whether this is compatible with their own diet.

Contagious diseases

Contagious diseases, such as tuberculosis, hepatitis and AIDS/HIV, are more common in some countries than others. All these diseases can be checked by means of a test. This should be done in the Au Pair's home country.


Is the vaccination status of the Au Pair sufficient? For some countries certain vaccinations are required or recommended. The family doctor or travel doctor can provide information about the required vaccinations. The following information should be given to the doctor: the destination, the time of stay, the individual vaccination status as well as any underlying diseases. The appointment should be scheduled four to six weeks prior to the stay abroad to ensure complete vaccination protection.

Pre-existing conditions and chronic diseases

In case of pre-existing conditions of the Au Pair, the insurer usually requires a self-disclosure. The contract determines to what extent the pre-existing condition is included in the insurance. The treatment of pre-existing conditions as well as chronic diseases is not covered by most Au Pair insurances. The pre-existing condition should be stable and not in need of treatment six months prior to the start of the stay.

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