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Elderly Caregiver - Au Pairs for eldercare

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Would you like to find a person to look after a senior parent, grandparent or relative? 
Would you like to look after elderly people? gives you the possibility to search for senior caregiver or register as one, even though this service has little in common with the Au Pair program. 
Get to know what kind of contract you need to sign down to become or hire a Caregiver for elderly and what requirements you need to meet:

elderly caregiver
Here you can go through the differences between being a standard Au Pair and a caregiver for seniors.

Contract of the Elderly Caregiver

The standard contract generally used by Au Pairs won't be valid for senior care, as the Au Pair program requires the person to only look after children. In this case your Host Family (employer) must create a contract respecting the laws of your host country.Please  note we can not provide a template for the contract as it differs in every country. Senior caregivers are considered as proper employees however it is not mandatory to live with the Host Family, they can decide. As employees they will have to be employed under the official regulations of the host country and must receive at least the minimum wage of that country and an insurance (covering the senior caregiver regardless of the host country's health system).


Visa for elderly caregiver

For elderly caregiver an Au Pair visa is not allowed, you will need to apply for a visa with a work permit.The embassy might not allow the visa to be issued for this specific purpose, so make sure to check the conditions before you sign the contract and decide to bring the participant to your country. Therefore, we would suggest to make sure that the Host Country does not require a visa in order to work as a Caregiver for elderly.

Caregiver for elderly - duties and tasks

Being a live-in caregiver for elderly does not massively differ from being a standard Au Pair for children. The main task is to assist adults or senior people in their homes with their daily needs and to provide them with company. This offers an alternative to assisted facilities or nursing homes for the seniors and is at the same time a great opportunity for many people who want to move to a new country.
Now that we have an employer (the Host Family) and an employee (the Elderly Caregiver), we just need a working contract in order to make it possible.
However, what are the requirements you need to fulfill in order to become or hire a Caregiver for elderly? Check them out!

Requirements of the Elderly Caregiver's Host Family

As a Host Family you need to provide the Elderly Caregiver with:
  • A working contract based on the Host Country's labour law
  • The minimum salary allowed in the Host Country
  • An insurance 
Do not forget that the standard Au Pair contract won't be valid in this case, so please specify on your profile the conditions of the job you will be offering and describe your expectations. Also, select the option "Caregiver for elderly" on your searching criteria so that the filter can look after those users willing to become a caregiver for elderly.

Requirements to be an elderly caregiver

  • Elderly caregivers does not have an age limit.
  • Need to sign a contract in accordance to host countries regulations.
  • Do not need to attend a language course.

Live-in help - alternative to a Senior Caregiver

A Senior Caregiver is the perfect solution for any person who needs a little support in his everyday life. But sometimes hosts might think that they do not need a full time helper. Respectively, some candidate might not want to start a job but just travel at very low costs and help out oly for a few hours per week. Then, the Homeshare/Live-in help program could be the right thing for you! Get more info about this project here.


Can you help me with the paperwork and the placement process?
Unfortunately, we can’t help you with it. We are an online matching agency, thus we can’t interfere in your searching or placing process. We are happy to provide you with all our searching and matching tools and the information about the Au Pair experience. As our platform is available worldwide, we are unable to take care of all the applications we get daily. Feel free to use our service to visit your dream destination and find a great Host Family. We will be also glad to get your feedback! If you have any ideas or comments, get in touch with us
How can I contact an Au Pair?
You need to visit the Au Pair’s profile and drop a message there. You can also add an Au Pair to your hotlist. In both cases, the Au Pair will get notifications from you instantly. If you have a basic account, you can send standard invitations to Au Pairs. The Premium Membership allows personalized messages as well. Please get more information here
How long does it take to find an Au Pair?
It depends on several factors. Make sure your profile is full and interesting for other users. Make sure that you meet the Host Family requirements set by the Au Pair program. Be active and contact about 10-15 Au Pairs per day. If you follow the three tips above you can find a suitable match within one to four weeks. Check out our Host Family guide for more advice and ideas on how to find an Au Pair faster.

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