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Become a Host Family in Ireland

Host an Au Pair in Ireland! Irish families have the chance to get an affordable, responsible and flexible childcare option while enjoying a cultural exchange. Find out how to:
become a host family ireland

Can you become a Host Family?

Irish families that welcome an Au Pair have the chance to bring a different culture closer to their children. There are some program rules for the families who wish to be part of the program. Families in Ireland must have: 
  1. at least one child under the age of 18.
  2. a private and cozy room for the Au Pair
  3. the financial ability to cover the program costs (full board, pocket money, insurance, etc.)
If your family meets the participation criteria, then you can be part of this cultural exchange and register on our website. 

Free Registration as Family

Firstly, create your profile for free and personalize it. Do not forget to complete your “welcome” letter to the Au Pair, add photos and describe your family and expectations. This will give Au Pairs a better idea of living with your family.
All users can send standard messages and add candidates to their favorites for free. With our Premium Membership families are also able to send personalized messages to their possible matches. As a Premium Member, they will also get a contract template and a handbook to guide them through the process.
Before starting your search, make sure you know all the requirements for participants from EU and Non-EU countries. Do not forget to read our information about the program regulations, insurance in Ireland, contract and visa process.
Afterwards, you can browse through the profiles of our candidates and show them you are interested. After exchanging messages, you can plan a video call and talk face to face. Then you will only need to make it official through the contract

Hosting EU and Non-EU applicants

Applicants need to meet different requirements according to their nationality. EU and EFTA citizens do not require a visa, but considering other nationalities will help you find an Au Pair faster
All those willing to be part of the program should have childcare experience to handle any problem that might occur. Au Pairs are also expected to be unmarried, without children of their own and in good health.

Hosting an Au Pair from the European Union and EFTA

Citizens of the European Union and EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) only need to fulfill following requirements to be an Au Pair in Ireland: 
  • Age: 18 - 28 years 
  • Good command of English
Once you’ve found a good candidate, you will need to get to know each other better and have a few video calls. Afterwards you can prepare and sign the contract and arrange the following:  

Check if your Au Pair has an Insurance
Citizens of European Union member countries can benefit from the Irish healthcare system by using the European Health Insurance Card. This card must be requested in the participant’s home country. We recommend to get a private insurance in addition to the one existing to avoid any unfortunate surprises. 
Register the Au Pair in Ireland
EU citizens whose stay in Ireland exceeds three months have to register at the local office.

How to hire an Au Pair from a Non-EU country?

Participants from other countries need to apply for a visa to Ireland to get their residence permit. To start the process they will need to make an appointment at the Irish embassy in their home country. There are also some requirements they need to fulfill:
  • Age: 18 - 27 years 
  • Good command of English 
  • Candidate for a Working Holiday, Work and Travel or Student Visa
  • At least high school graduate
  • Ability to cover visa and travel expenses
After signing the Au Pair agreement, Host Families will only need to follow these steps to finish the process: 

Take care of the Au Pair’s Health insurance
Au Pairs in Ireland must have a private insurance for Ireland to be safe during the stay. It should cover accidents and illnesses during the stay. 
Registration and residence permit
Once the participant is in Ireland, the Host Family has to register them at the local office. This will be crucial to change the visa into a residence permit at the immigration office. 

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