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Au Pair in Italy: Guided tour

au pair tour italy Do you want to make your dream of visiting Europe come true? Do you wish to explore amazing places, to learn another language and to get paid besides all that? Do all this and more becoming Au Pair in the beautiful Italy and amaze yourself with La Dolce Vita.
Romantic, delicious, culturally rich and full of colours; Italy is all that and more. Located in southern Europe, from the north to the south this country offers a great diversity of attractions for every taste.
If you are planning your trip to this country you may have troubles choosing the best places to visit and that’s because in every corner of its territory, Italy offers you the wonderful combination of magnificent landscapes, flavorful gastronomy, the remains of ancient cultures and a set of different cultural manifestations capable of fascinating anyone. 
Don’t worry, we can help you to choose, keep reading and find out our list of 4 cities in Italy that you definitely have to visit.

Au Pair in Rome

This city was once the cultural and political center of Europe, and nowadays it is still one of the most preferred destinations by tourists from all around the world. That’s why as an Au Pair you will have the chance to find a lot of people with different nationalities living together in this multicultural city. 
Become an Au Pair in Rome
Rome, Italy
It is almost impossible to visit all the places of interest that Rome has to offer in just one day or even one week, so if you become an Au Pair in Rome you will never get bored. Rome is an open-air museum: history culture and art are everywhere, so no matter where you go, you will find remains of ancient cultures or art pieces made by ultra-famous artists, and the best of all… A lot of the attractions are free!
Enjoy your free time going to see the famous Colosseum, delight yourself with the view of the Trevi Fountain or explore the center of the city to appreciate the mixture between modern architecture and ancient roman ruins.
You do not have to be a devoted christian to enjoy the Saint Peter’s Basilica or the exquisite art collection that the Vatican museums have to offer, including the Sistine Chapel and the Michelangelo’s “Pieta”. Climb the Spanish Steps or go to see the Roman Forum.
Finish your day delighting your palate with an exquisite Italian plate, but attention there are so many delicious options that you will have troubles choosing.

Au Pair in Milan

One of the fashion capitals of the world, but this city is much more than fashion houses and luxury magazines.
Become an Au Pair in Milan
You are in Italy so obviously you will have the chance to enjoy exquisite food, splendid architecture and priceless art expositions. However, as it is located at the north of Italy the strategic geographical position of this city offers you the possibility of visiting others European countries, as France or Switzerland in just a few hours of travel.
Here they are the must-visit of this charming city:
The Duomo is a magnificent cathedral located at the center of the city. Inside, you can even visit a museum with a group of very interesting art pieces related not only to the catholic religion but also to roman mythology. It is a very popular place for the tourists.
Do not miss the chance to discover the Monumental Cemetery or the Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”. Pick up a gelato and take a bus to visit the Ambrosiana Library and Picture Gallery or take a walk in the Street Art in Isola.
As a manufacturing city and fashion capital Milan can also offer you trendy outfits in irresistible prices. It seems that here you can have it all!

Au Pair in Florence (Firenze)

Become an Au Pair in Florence
Become an Au Pair in Florence!
This beautiful city is an authentic jewel of Europe. It has inspired songs, films and poetry and it is another must-visit for tourists from all around the world.
Here as an Au Pair you will live the fantasy of living in a city full of music and beautiful colours. Go to the Uffizi Gallery and enjoy a guided tour in the second most visited museum of Italy, take a selfie in the iconic Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), and then go to the Piazzale Michelangelo to delight yourself with the splendid panorama of the entire city that this place has to offer.
It is obvious that besides exploring new places you want also practice the native language, don’t worry, in Italy you will find friendly and approachable people everywhere so you will have no problem on making new friends and practicing Italian language.

Au Pair in Venezia

Become an Au Pair in Venezia
Imagine this: you wake up in the morning ready for another day of games with the kids of your host family; you can smell the delicious aroma of cappuccino that comes from the kitchen and when you see through the window you can admire a magnificent landscape with a shiny sun and gondolier singing a beautiful song and rowing through the Canals. 
Stop imagining! Live the real adventure becoming Au Pair in Venezia. This city does not need any presentation; it is a corner of Italy highly appreciated by people from all around the world. It is a place that won’t let you get bored and because of that you can enjoy a new adventure every day.
Drink exquisite Italian wine with friends in one of the chic bars in the centre of the city, go for a walk and get lost in its streets or do the classic and take a ride through the Grand Canal.
Italy has a lot to offer so what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite city and start the Au Pair experience in Italy, you will never regret it!

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