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Become a Host Family in Canada

Au Pair program in Canada
Canada attracts Au Pairs with its cultural diversity, English-speaking environment and beautiful nature. Hosting an Au Pair in Canada is an excellent chance for a cultural exchange. The Host Family can explore a new culture just as the participant. 
You will get all the necessary information about the Au Pair program in Canada right here.

Can you become a Host Family in Canada?

In addition to the help with the childcare and other benefits of the Au Pair program, there are also certain requirements for the Host Families in Canada. Let’s look into the main rules:
  1. Kids: at least one child under the age of 18 years. 
  2. You can afford to cover regular meals, a monthly Au Pair salary and other expenses of the Host Family
  3. You have a spare room in your house where the Au Pair will live
  4. You will respect the work schedule of the candidate
If you fulfil all the requirements stated above, register as a Host Family and start looking for a participant and become part of this great cultural exchange experience.

Family free registration

After the registration, remember to fill out the profile completely. Profiles with a “Dear Au Pair” letter and pictures are way more liked and successful than others. 
You can become a Premium Member to be able to send personalized messages to candidates.  You will also get a handbook for Host Families and a template of the Au Pair contract that you should use to come to an agreement about all the matters of the stay.

Before choosing an Au Pair, make sure that your favorite candidate fulfils all the requirements to avoid problems during the visa application or at the border control. You can also read more information about the program regulations, working hours, holidays, schedule and a language course. 
If you have found the right person to come live with you, you should prepare the contract and include everything you need to agree on so there won’t be any misunderstandings once the participant has arrived. 


How to hire an Au Pair in Canada?

To become an Au Pair in Canada the participant needs to apply for the Working Holiday Visa. The requirements to get this visa depend on the home country of the applicant. Some nationalities can even apply up to the age of 35, others only until they are 30 years old. The applicant should check the regulations at the website of the Canadian embassy in her/his home country.  There are also other requirements an Au Pair has to meet:
  • basic knowledge of either French or English
  • a clear criminal record
  • the signed Au Pair contract
  • an insurance for Canada that covers everything during the whole stay
  • a valid passport 
  • at least 2500 CAD and a return ticket
  • eligibility for the Working Holiday Visa and haven’t applied for the WHV before
There are also other expectations the participant has to fulfil to be part of the adventure:
  • unmarried 
  • no children 
  • being physically fit and in a healthy condition
If your candidate fulfils all the requirements above you can start planning the stay and begin the process. The easiest way is to follow these steps: 

Sign the contract
Talk with the Au Pair about all the details and include them in the contract, just as working hours, free time, holidays, the schedule etc. Mention all the important details in the contract. Both sides need to sign the contract. The applicant will have to present this document at the Canadian embassy. 
Make sure that the Au Pair has an insurance
Before the arrival of the Au Pair in Canada, the participant is responsible to get a private insurance for the whole stay in Canada. The insurance should cover various cases that might occur abroad. The right insurance will help to avoid problems while visiting a doctor in Canada. 
Support the Au Pair in the visa application for Canada
The Au Pair might need some help while applying for the Working Holiday Visa. The applicant will definitely need the contract so don’t forget to send it to him/her. The Host Family should help with the whole process. 
Prepare for the Au Pair’s arrival
You need to prepare the room for the Au Pair. Make sure the space has everything it needs. Make it look comfortable. Maybe you want to put up some pictures and candles. Agree with the Au Pair when you should pick her/him up and enjoy the time together. 

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