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Au Pair in Luxembourg: Guided tour

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There are not as many countries as polivalent as Luxembourg in Europe. This beautiful country posseses very diverse culture and traditions thanks to being in the middle of the mediterranean and nordic Europe. There are 3 languages that you can learn! So whether you want to improve your french or your german, maybe Luxembourg is the place for you!
au pair tour luxembourg
Luxembourg is a small but fascinating country located in the north of the European continent. As it has a mixture of natural and medieval landscapes, this beautiful place represents the perfect choice for those who want to get in contact with authentic European traditions avoiding the crowded attractions and noisy tourists.

Here as an Au Pair, you will have the chance of living a full immersion experience in a multicultural society. French, German or Luxembourgish; since this country has the three as official languages you can pick up one or learn them all at the same time!
Become an Au Pair in Luxembourg
Au Pair in Luxembourg
Many of the most interesting attractions are concentrated in the center of the country but you can also expend time visiting amazing places located out metropolis which can be easily accessed by train. There are a lot of things you can do while being an Au Pair, however, we can help you get ready your itinerary with this list of Luxembourg’s must-visit attractions and tips to fully enjoy the Au Pair experience in this country.

Where to go in Luxembourg?

This could be a short list since Luxembourg has a lot of attractions to offer to its visitors. However, we are sure you will find it useful. 

National Museum of History and Art

Europe is well known for its magnificent museums, so if you are visiting any country of this continent, it is mandatory to include one of these temples of art in your itinerary.
If you choose Luxembourg as your host country, your list of must-visit localities should include the National Museum of History and Art. As it has an incredibly interesting collection of Gallo-Roman pieces, this great museum will allow you to understand and appreciate a part of Luxembourg’s history and culture. 

The Old Quarter

This delightful place was in 1994 designed UNESCO world’s heritage and not without a valid reason. Ancient fortifications surrounded this space long time ago and made of Luxembourg one of the most important cities in Europe. Every piece of these buildings tells a history so the best think you can do is going there and listen what they have to say. 
Streets of Luxembourg
Street in Luxembourg
Gardens, bridges, and parks will take you on a trip to antique Luxembourg and its glory. Go to visit the Grand Ducal Palace or take a walk next to the Notre Dame Cathedral and discover the pleasures of living in a place where cosmopolitan life and historical splendors make contrast.

Reserve Haff Reimech

Do you enjoy practicing outdoors sports? If the answer is yes, this is the right place for you. In this natural reserve, you will have the opportunity of getting in contact with nature in a peaceful and biodiverse space. Go for a walk with children to enjoy its biodiversity or get extreme and climb its hills to see this large space of forest from the top.

Luxembourg’s castles

Luxembourg as many other countries in Europe conserves the remains of old medieval cultural manifestations. Many of them are castles. Do you want to know how was to live as a member of royalty in old Luxembourg? So, plan a visit with your host family and go to the castles of Vianden, Beaufort, Bourscheid, and Walferdange and live the experience.


This is an old market located in a beautiful place surrounded by woods. It is another must-visit of Luxembourg since it holds the remains of the ancient Roman culture. Historical monuments, castles, and magnificent landscapes will leave you astonished since the very moment of your arrival. 

Where to eat in Luxembourg?

In this country, you will delight yourself with an exquisite gastronomic tradition. Here you can taste appetizing plates from French, German and Belgian cuisine all in one place. You may find some excessive prices since this is an expensive location but don’t worry and take your time to choose. We know that your budget as an Au Pair is not very high, so, don´t worry, here you will find many options adapted to your budget that include high-quality restaurants with delectable food.
Mailbox in Luxembourg
Mailbox in Luxembourg
Luxembourg also offers an interesting selection of bars and nightspots where you can go and enjoy a pleasant time, alone or with friends. However, you must remember, you need to inform your host family if you want to stay out until late night.

Visit other countries of Europe hastily

Yes, Luxembourg sounds amazing but we know that the idea of visiting other countries of Europe hastily sounds even more amazing to you, and guess what? Thanks to Luxembourg’s advantageous geographic position you can do it! Take a map and choose your destiny. Visit Luxembourg’s neighbor countries: France, Germany, and Belgium or go even farther and take a trip to Italy, Portugal, and Spain; all in a few hours of way thanks to efficient Europe’s web of trains.

Shopping and more shopping!

Enjoy finding outstanding outfits with the best European style or go to the city center and buy the perfect souvenir to offer to your friends and family when you get home. Luxembourg has also interesting propositions referred to its local products but if it is still not enough you can always go to Europe’s fashion capitals close to you, and display your fashionista side.
We know after reading about all these Luxembourg’s wonders you can’t wait to start your adventure as an Au Pair. Well, if you are between 18 and 30 years old, you love children and you want to enjoy the combination between fully cultural immersion and improvement of language skills, you are almost ready to start! Check out the full information about the requirements to become an Au Pair in Luxembourg and start experience Europe like never before.

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