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Au Pair in Canada: Guided tour

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Have you ever thought about traveling to Canada? Perhaps when you think about North-America, you might only hear about the U.S.A, but the truth is you will be surprised by the wonders that can be found in the country of Canada. From beautiful natural reservations, to snowy and clean cities, let us explore this beautiful place together and maybe it will make you want to go there and explore it yourself!
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Canada nowadays is a worldwide shining point of reference due to its politics, educational system and its people in general. Au Pairing in Canada can become a great experience for those who love a multicultural environment, and also for those who like learning languages (English and French).  
Although many people tend to forget about Canada when talking about North America, this country has much more to offer than only snow, woods, and nature in general. We will introduce you to the most interesting and fun cities of this wonderful country.

Au Pair in Quebec

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Quebec, Canada
The city belongs to the francophone part of Canada, so in case you want to work as an Au Pair in Quebec, you have to be ready to speak French
One of the cool things about Quebec is its variety of tours. For example, in Quebec you will be able to go on a food tour or a bicycle tour. Go with your Host Family to Quebec’s Old Town, an area rich in history and surrounded by the best restaurants. 
Are you going to work as an Au Pair in fall? In Canada they also celebrate Halloween and at the Plains of Abraham you will find tons of fun Halloween decoration. They even offer quite a few haunted tours! 
To see the breathtaking landscapes Canada has to offer, you need to get in the panoramic gondola in Mont-Sainte-Anne. You will be able to show off some amazing pictures after your Au Pair stay in Quebec.

Au Pair in Toronto

Two words: Niagara Falls. What any Au Pair in Toronto must do is to visit the Niagara Falls. It is a 90 minute drive from Toronto but it’s definitely worth it!
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Au Pair in Toronto
Besides, you will enjoy the amazing landscapes that you will pass on your way. Your second attraction should be the famous CN tower that has become a symbol of Toronto. Go all the way up to the top at 346 metres and enjoy the spectacular view. 
When you think of Canada, you think of ice and trees? Although there is a lot more to this country, there indeed are a couple of activities related to these elements of nature.
You can enjoy watching an ice hockey game or even take part in a match in Nathan Phillips Square if you’re a good ice skater. Or you can learn how to throw a real axe with the Backyard Axe Throwing League (no kidding). 
Finally, if you really want to have fun, go to a show at the Bad Dog Company. It is an award-winning improvisational theatre and you will laugh for sure. 

Au Pair in Vancouver

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Au Pair in Vancouver
This spectacular city is located in the southwest corner of Canada, close to the US-American border. As an Au Pair in Vancouver, you will soon find out that this place has a lot to offer!
First of all, you can visit the campus of the British Columbia University (among the top 20 best public universities in the world). Go there and chat with the students, it is a good way of making new friends
We know Vancouver can be very cold, but this is precisely the reason why you will be able to do some interesting activities like going on a special limo tour, snow tubing at Mount Seymour with the kids or snowshoeing. 
At night, you can go to the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party with your new friends. In good weather you can visit Vancouver Island and see the Butchart Gardens or take a walk and enjoy the landscape of that wonderful island.  
These are some of the activities that you can only do in Vancouver: a nice place with its own particularities. 

Au Pair in Montreal

As an Au Pair in Montreal you will find out that there’s a lot of people in the city who do not understand English but who only speak French – the good thing about this is that you could learn two languages! 
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If you want to see how Montreal looked like in the past, go to Old Montreal. Despite the urbanization, this part of the city hasn’t changed much. French is important in Montreal and a proof of that is that they have their own Notre-Dame Basilica. Another interesting landmark is the St. Joseph’s Oratory which is also the highest point in Montreal. 
If your Host Family wants you to work on the weekend, then take the kids to La Ronde, an incredible amusement park where both, the kids and you, will have fun. 
If you are in the mood for a more relaxed outing, a visit to the Montreal Biodome is what you’re looking for. Montreal is an interesting option to consider for your bilingual Au Pair stay. 

Au Pair in Ottawa

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Ottawa is the capital of Canada and one of the biggest cities in the country. Being in a big city with the kids might be stressful at times but don’t worry, Au Pairing in Ottawa will give you the opportunity to go to Gatineau Park, where you can take a break and take nice pictures
However, if it’s raining, you might prefer seeing some ‘inside nature’. A visit to the Museum of Nature with its more than 10,000 species is the best option for that (and a plan of emergency if you don’t know what to do with the kids). 
You don’t like animals? Maybe the Canada Aviation and Space Museum is a better idea. 
But what will really take your breath away on a sunny day is the Rideau Canal, a waterway that runs through downtown Ottawa. The perfect spot to take that selfie you will use as your profile picture for months! 
No doubt that working as an Au Pair in Ottawa is one of the best way of enjoying Canada.

Au Pair in Calgary

For those who like the countryside and incredible landscapes, Au Pairing in Calgary is the best thing you can do. A good example is Prince’s Island Park, a nice place to relax, read a book, take a walk or just people-watching. The good thing is that it is in the middle of the city, so you won’t have to drive for an hour to get this nature feeling. 
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Calgary, Canada
If you want to combine your love for nature with history, then visit the Heritage Park: it will feel as if you were in the 1860’s. 
Canadians love winter sports, so how about going to the Canada Olympic Park with your Au Pair friends? A tribute to the 1988 Winter Olympic Games with many snow activities to enjoy.
When people talk about Canada, you might think of Toronto’s CN Tower. What you don’t know is that Calgary has its own tower, and the cool thing about it is that it sheltered the Olympic flame. 
Calgary is the perfect destiny for winter sport fans!

Au Pair in Edmonton

If you decide to work as Au Pair in Edmonton, you will be able to get in touch with your creative side. This city has an artistic tradition and proof of that is the 124th street. There, you will find lots of art galleries, and the Duchess Bake Shop to satiate your appetite. 
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Au Pair in Edmonton
On the street itself you will see some First Nation art and Inuit art pieces, so make a cross on the map to be sure to visit this street. 
There are other parts of Edmonton that are also full of urban art. After a long day of walking and getting inspired by the artistic masterpieces of Edmonton, you could go to an Oilers game, Edmonton’s Ice Hockey team. You will experience the special team spirit and maybe get to know some new people!
On a rainy day, you can go to the West Edmonton Mall, the biggest mall in North America. You have no idea what to do with the kids? Visit the Schools Museum, where all of you can find out how schools were like in the past – maybe the kids will be more thankful for their schooling afterwards.
Edmonton guarantees you an artistic and educational experience. 

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