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Au Pair in Switzerland: guided tour

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Many Au Pairs go to Switzerland since it is a wonderful place to practice your language skills. Depending on the area you are in, you will find people who speak different language. That along side the amazing quality of life offered in Switzerland makes it a wonderful place to live in and make your Au Pair stay. If you want to know more about it, check this Tour guide!
au pair tour switzerland
Switzerland is one of the countries with the highest quality of life, and it is a place known as a country of business. 
However Switzerland is also a very special country because depending on where you go you will hear German, French or Italian. If you want to spend your stay in a multilingual and multicultural country, Au Pairing in Switzerland will be the best option. 
You will find below a list of the most visited and known places of Switzerland.

Au Pair in Zurich (GER)

Become an Au Pair in Zurich
Zurich is not only the largest city in Switzerland, but also a very important place in what business refers to. Although being an Au Pair in Zurich might be expensive, the city is worth it due to its beauty. For example on a sunny day you can just walk by Lake Zurich and see the yachts pass by during the summer. 
Another remarkable place is Altstadt (Old Town). This place is full of restaurants and bars, so you can go there with other Au Pairs and see some monuments from the 17th century. 
In Zurich you will be able to visit the most important monument, Grossmunster, a church with two romanesque towers. 
Another important part of the city is Bahnhofstrasse, the shopping street of Zurich. It is a nice place to walk by as there is no traffic. And if you are a soccer fan, then go to FIFA World Football Museum. You won’t regret it!

Au Pair in Bern (GER)

Become an Au Pair in Bern
Close to the Alps, Bern is a beautiful city full of beautiful places. Home of Albert Einstein, one of the things you should do as Au Pair in Bern is visit the old town, a UNESCO site. 
A walk through this place will take you back to the Middle Ages. There you will also see the Zytglogge, a clock that has become a symbol of the city. If you like art then go to Paul Klee’s museum, the modern artist spent his childhood studying in Bern, even the architecture of the building is interesting. 
Another interesting museum at Bern is the History Museum. The place has a lot of artifacts that go back to the Stone Age. Moreover, inside of this museum there is another small museum about Einstein, full of pictures and data from his time in Bern. Au Pairing in Bern will be an experience full of history.

Au Pair in Geneva (FR)

Become an Au Pair in Geneva
As Au Pair in Geneva you will be working in a city where the second most important UN office is settled. 
In Geneva you will be able to do any kind of activity. For example you can go on a boat trip through Lake Geneva or see the Jet d’Eau, a jet that propels water until 140 metres. 
You can also take a walk with your Host Family through Vieille Ville, the old town of Geneva is a nice place to have a caffe on a terrace and see people go by in the street where Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born.  
On a Saturday evening there is nothing better than going with your Au Pair friends to a bar and listen to live music. There are several places like Chat Noir or L’Usine. Of course you cannot say you have been living in Switzerland if you don’t try a fondue, so what are you waiting for? Geneva is the place.

Au Pair in Lugano (ITA)

Become an Au Pair in Lugano
One of the few places in Switzerland where the Italian language is spoken! Working as Au Pair in Lugano will be an experience full of nature and Italian flavor. Of course the you can find the Italian touch even in food, so just go to one of the restaurants in the city and enjoy good Swiss-Italian food. 
Herman Hesse settled here in 1919 and became a symbol of the city. Proof of that is the museum dedicated to him.
If you like travelling, go with your Host Family to the Swissminiatur, an open-air museum where Switzerland’s most famous landmarks are gathered as miniatures. 
Talking about small things, Ganbria is a beautiful village close to Monte Bre. What would it be an Italian city without Italian art? The Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli has three biblical paintings of Lugani that are worth seeing. 
Au Pairing in Lugano is the Swiss-Italian adventure you were looking for.

Au Pair in Lausanne (FR)

Become an Au Pair in Lausanne
This place is near the border with France, so if you plan to spend your stay as Au Pair in Lausanne, you will have to learn some French. 
This city is very important as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Court of Arbitration for Sport are there. Therefore a visit to the Olympic Museum is something you definitely have to do if you like sports. 
However Lausanne also has beautiful places, like Lausanne Cathedral or Place de la Palud, a beautiful square full of lights and life. On sunny and hot days you could organize an excursion to the Lake that connects Switzerland with France and take a boat trip through it. 
You don’t like boats? Then go around the lake by Ouchy Promenade and enjoy a nice walk, later you could enjoy the beautiful sunset from that spot. Lausanne is a beautiful place to work as Au Pair.

Au Pair in Basel

Become an Au Pair in Basel
Au Pairing in Basel can become a mixture of cultures and sensations. The reason is because this city is near the Swiss, German and French border, so even though the language spoken here is German, you might see influences from the other countries. 
An example of that is the Kunstmuseum where you will see art from the Renaissance, Baroque and modern art. Also if you go to Altstadt you will find irregular townhouse at Petersgasse, an interesting street in term of architecture.  
Basel is a medieval city and proof of that are the remaining buildings from that time like Basel Minster or Spalentor, one of the three main towers that used to protect the city. 
Finally if you go with friends to Marktplatz, you will find yourself face to face with Basel City Hall, a red building from the 16th century. Au Pair in Basel will be a mixture of different epochs and art.

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