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Au Pair Invitation Letter

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The invitation letter is one of the most important documents when it comes to applying for a visa.
Along with the contract, it is evidence for the Embassy that the Au Pair will take part in the Au Pair program in the Host Country and is being invited by a Host Family to live with them.
Read our article to find out more information about this and find the template of the letter here.
invitation letter
In case the Au Pair needs a visa to get to the Host Country, she will have to have two main documents sent from the Host Family to bring to the Embassy:
  • The Au Pair contract signed by both the Host Family and the Au Pair: you will be able to download a template of this contract here. The Host Family will need to edit it according to the specific case, adding details such as tasks, schedule, holidays, pocket money, etc. The Host Family will have to sign it and send it to the Au Pair.
  • The invitation letter: this document shows that the Au Pair is invited and welcomed into the family living in the Host Country. For this reason, it will have to include the address of the Host Family and it will also help to outline the responsibilities and duties of the Au Pair.
To help our users, we have created an example letter with the information which needs to be included.

Family Name
Family Address
Name of the Au Pair
Address of the Au Pair
City, and Date

Au Pair Invitation Letter

Dear (Au Pair Name),

We, (name of the parents), want to invite you to be our Au Pair in (City, Country). Your stay would begin on the (Date) or in the next possible date and will last for *** months.

We are very glad to take part in this cultural exchange and to help you improve your language skills and learn more about our culture. During your stay you will support us in activities related to our children (Name and age of the children). Some of your duties are:

(Description of the Au Pair's responsibilities during the stay)

During your time with us, we expect you to work a maximum of *** hours a week. You will also have *** free days a week to enjoy our country. We will also respect the working schedule in order for you to attend a language course. For your support to our family we will pay you *** a month as pocket money. We will also pay for your health insurance which covers medical and accident expenses during the length of your Au Pair stay with our family.

We assure you that we will be responsible for your expenses during your Au Pair stay. We are really excited to welcome you as a family member and learn more about your culture.
Best Regards,
Name and signature of the Host Parents

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How can an Au Pair get a visa? is an online matching agency, therefore this question is beyond our scope of responsibility. But we will do our best to help you nonetheless! Usually the best source of information is the embassy of the host country placed in the Au Pair’s homeland. Requirements vary depending on both the Au Pair’s nationality and the host country, but usually a letter of invitation from the Host Family and a signed contract are needed to start the visa application. Other documents may be different depending on each individual case, and in case of the US, assistance of a local full-service Au Pair agency is also necessary.   
Can I become an Au Pair?
The Au Pair program accepts participants who meet mainly education, family and age requirements. Please take a look at the full list of Au Pair requirements.  If you meet them, register as an Au Pair today and find a Host Family that matches your criteria.  
What are the requirements to host an Au Pair?
There are three most important requirements: the Au Pair accommodation, full board and monthly/weekly sum of pocket money. We recommend to go through the full list of requirements for Host Families. If you meet them, you can register as a Host Family today and find an Au Pair that matches your criteria.

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