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Renzulli Learning for Au Pairs Worldwide

Introducing Renzulli Learning's innovative online platform, worth $1000 and exclusively FREE for registered Au Pairs on Renzulli Learning empowers young learners to confidently explore diverse subjects with the support of knowledgeable mentors.

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Free Registration as Candidate

We are proud to present Renzulli Learning to all our Au Pairs! When registering on, candidates from all over the world will have the chance to access this exclusive platform for free. 

We believe Renzulli Learning will revolutionize the Au Pair program, bringing benefits to both Au Pairs and Host Families. Moreover, candidates will have the possibility to show that they are Renzulli-certified, and Host Families will be able to filter their search to Renzulli-certified candidates only. 

What is Renzulli Learning?

It is an online platform that allows young students to engage in studying every subject with the help of a skilled mentor. Au Pairs will be able to use the platform to create activities for their Host Kids. They will be able to create language-orientated activities for the kids or offer support with their homework.

Discover the myriad of benefits awaiting Au Pairs and Host Families who choose a Renzulli Certified Au Pair. Enriching education and fostering personal growth has never been more accessible. If you are already registered with, click on the button below and join us today!

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About the courses

We are proud to present Renzulli Learning for Au Pairs Worldwide, a 4 course bundle.

Enrichment for All Students

The Enrichment for All Students Course teaches Au Pairs the pedagogy behind Renzulli Learning and how to utilize the Renzulli Learning Platform.

Using Renzulli Learning for Au Pairs

Using Renzulli Learning for Au Pairs provides Au Pairs with guided instruction on best practices to implementing Renzulli Learning with their host kids.

Language Learning with Renzulli Learning

Language Learning with Renzulli Learning explores the basic principles of language acquisition and provides Au Pairs with the tools to use Renzulli Learning for language learning.

Language Teaching with Renzulli Learning

An in-depth course that engages language teachers and tutors with language acquisition theories, research-based teaching methods, and the use of Renzulli Learning for language teaching.


Benefits for Au Pairs

University Excellence at Your Fingertips


Unlock the prestige of a 9-contact hour certification from the University of Connecticut, included with Renzulli Learning. Elevate your educational qualifications and open doors to new opportunities!

Master the Art of Gifted Education

Enhance your skills with 4 certificates of completion from Renzulli Learning. Specialize in gifted and talented educational methods and make a lasting impact on your Host Kids’ learning journeys.

Discover the Power of Personalized Learning

Unleash each child's strengths with creativity scores. Identify what sparks joy and engagement in your Host Kids with individual strength-based learning profiles and creativity scores. Tailor activities they'll love!


Craft Engaging Learning Experiences


Au Pairs can harness the platform's potential to curate captivating activities for their Host Kids. From language-focused exercises to homework assistance, the possibilities are limitless.

Endless Learning Adventures Await

Explore a multitude of exciting endeavors accessing a diverse range of activities and projects that focus on strengths-based learning. Inspire your children's curiosity and creativity.


Connect Globally


Join the Global Collaboration Program! One of the platform's most remarkable features is the ability to collaborate with Au Pairs worldwide. Host Kids can broaden their horizons, learning cooperation, teamwork, and leadership skills within a multicultural context from an early age.


Boost Your Resume with Teaching Experience


Enhance your resume with Renzulli Learning. Showcase your valuable teaching and mentoring experience with Renzulli Learning on your resume. Stand out from the crowd and advance your career!

Benefits for Host Families


Empower Your Children’s Learning Journey


Each child receives a personalized strengths-based learning profile and creativity score. Discover how to ignite their passion for learning and boost engagement like never before!


Elevate Academic Excellence


Welcome a Renzulli-certified Au Pair into your home. Experience the transformative power of gifted and talented educational methods. Watch as your children reach their full academic potential!


Unlimited Educational Adventures Await


Your Au Pair gains access to a vast library of educational activities and projects, ensuring your children's learning never stops evolving.


Showcase Creativity, Share Memories


Preserve and flaunt your child's creative masterpieces! With our platform, you can capture and share their creative work with family and friends.


Expand Horizons with Global Collaboration


Foster a global perspective in your child's education. Engage in collaborative, project-based learning activities through the Global Collaboration Program and connect with peers worldwide.


Discover Your Child’s Creative Potential


Have your child take our exclusive creativity test and unlock hidden talents. Unleash their creativity and prepare them for a world of endless possibilities!

How to register

Ready to unleash your Host Kid’s potential? Register on Renzulli Learning today!

Unlock a world of personalized, engaging, and creative learning experiences for your child. Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Click to Register: Simply follow this link to start the journey

  2. Choose Your Plan: Register as a Teacher. Remember, Au Pairs registered on enjoy FREE access!

  3. Get Started: Explore our platform, access educational activities, and watch your child's creativity soar!

Join our community of mentors who are transforming learning into a fun and enriching adventure. Register on Renzulli Learning today and ignite your Host Kid's passion for knowledge!


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