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Au Pair Pros and Cons: Why should I become an Au Pair?

Do you want to become an Au Pair and wonder whether the Au Pair program is something for you? In this post we shed a bit of light on the Au Pair program benefits (and not only them). 

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In short: what can you gain by being an Au Pair abroad?
  • Au Pair salary - you receive money for your assistance
  • Food and accommodation from your Host Family
  • Possibility to attend a language course abroad
Au Pair pros and cons
Would you like to spend some time abroad, but you are not sure if the Au Pair experience is the right choice for you? Let us help you find the answer.
Au Pair is a cultural exchange that helps you discover another culture while living with a Host Family. As an Au Pair you will get a room, regular meals and a certain amount of pocket money in exchange for help with childcare and some light housework. 
Below we listed some of the pros and cons of the Au Pair experience, so you can decide if it is suitable for you.  

Au Pair experience Pros

  • The cheapest way to live abroad for up to a year
  • Being part of a local family
  • Improve your language skills
  • Find international friends abroad
  • Learn more about another culture
  • Share your culture with others
  • Become mature and independent
  • Help raise and educate kids
  • Enhance your CV with international experience

Au Pair experience Cons

  • Au Pairs need to adapt to another family’s lifestyle
  • Specific requirements, especially experience in childcare. At times dealing with children can be difficult.
  • Family and kids are most important - then come international friends, parties, travelling and other benefits of the program. In any case, the family’s plans are always your first priority. 
  • Living with your “employer” - when you live and work in the same place, at times it’s hard to split working time from free time. 
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Nevertheless, the Au Pair program offers a way to live a unique experience abroad on a budget. Below is a short checklist to help you decide whether Au Pairing is the right experience for you.
  • You like working and spending time with kids
  • You are interested in staying abroad for a long time
  • You would like to discover a new culture and show tolerance towards cultural differences 
  • You are okay with living away from home for some time
  • You are ready to do some light housework
  • You are willing to adjust to the needs and rules of the family
If you are sure that the Au Pair Program is the right choice for you and you are meeting the program requirements, start looking for a Host Family on!
Free Registration as Candidate

Can you help me with the paperwork and the placement process?
Unfortunately, we can’t help you with it. We are an online matching agency, thus we can’t interfere in your searching or placing process. We are happy to provide you with all our searching and matching tools and the information about the Au Pair experience. As our platform is available worldwide, we are unable to take care of all the applications we get daily. Feel free to use our service to visit your dream destination and find a great Host Family. We will be also glad to get your feedback! If you have any ideas or comments, get in touch with us
How long does it take to find a Host Family?
It depends on several factors. Create your profile and make it attractive for other users. Check that you meet the Au Pair requirements set by the Au Pair program. Be active and contact 20-30 Host Families per day. While contacting the Host Families, make also sure that you fulfil the family’s expectations. Be active, open minded and try to convince families that the time spent with you will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for their kids! Generally speaking, it takes from one week up to a few months to find a Host Family
Can I become an Au Pair?
The Au Pair program accepts participants who meet mainly education, family and age requirements. Please take a look at the full list of Au Pair requirements.  If you meet them, register as an Au Pair today and find a Host Family that matches your criteria.  

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