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Our tips at a glance

  • Upload Au Pair relevant pictures!
  • Write a “Dear Host Family letter in your profile
  • Be active! Contact Host Families (10-20 daily)
  • Have multiple Video-Interviews
  • Make your decision during the 3rd Video-Interview with the Host Family
  • Discuss the Au Pair contract together in detail

Will it be your first time as an Au Pair? Don't worry! We would like to make it easier for you so that you can find a Host Family as soon as possible, so make sure you follow our tips!

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In order to find a Host Family quickly, you should stay active on and contact many Host Families. If you want to find a Host Family quickly and successfully with, you should make sure that your profile is attractive and appealing. The first impression counts and if your profile can´t raise interest, it will be clicked away immediately. has some tips on how to avoid this, so that lots of Host Families take notice of you and you can quickly proceed with the important issues: visa, insurance, flight and so on.

9 Tips for a successful Profile

  1. Make sure your profile is filled in completely. Fill in all the blanks, so that interested people checking your profile, immediately get to know what your requirements and qualities are.
  2. Give the right information and be honest. It is of no use, if your profile only contains false information. They could make the profile and hence the Au Pair more attractive, but in the end it will lead to a disappointing and unsuccessful Au Pair stay. It is important for you to know your role as an Au Pair and for the Host Family to make clear what they will expect from their Au Pair.  
  3. Be flexible with your searching criteria. You shouldn´t restrict the length of the stay, countries and others too much, since this way not only your choice of recommended Host Families will be limited, but also you will be contacted by less people.
  4. Fill in the free text boxes, meaning the Dear Host Family letters and descriptions of yourself and add lots of information, without the text becoming too boring or long. These free descriptions are a chance to present yourself in the best way. A good and interesting text will tempt the others much more to contact you. Moreover, you will get the chance to address your expectations.
    It includes:
  • Letter to the family
  • Description of your experience in childcare
  • Description of your interests and hobbies
  1. Write your letters to the Host Family and your Au Pair descriptions in all the languages you know to address as many Host Families as possible. Most important is to write the profile in the future host country´s native language. Mistakes are no problem at all, since everyone knows that you are willing to improve your language skills. For support you can use Google Translate (
  2. Upload pictures! Upload friendly, nice pictures that show you with your family and friends and with kids you looked after in the past; remember that child care will be the main role of an Au Pair and those pictures where you are around children can make a really good impression. The more diversed pictures the better. This way both Au Pair and Host Family will have the measure of each other, to get a good impression. No sexy pictures or party photos!
  3. As an Au Pair you should have enough experience in childcare, so that you will be well prepared for looking after the kids abroad. If possible, upload a few references (for example from internships in a kindergarten, babysitting, etc.). Those can only be seen by Premium-members. 
  4. Upload videos! Uploading videos on, in which you introduce yourself/ your family and express your wishes and ideas, are very authentic. This way the interested ones will get a great, unique impression of you and you can address everything that is important to you. In this video you will get advice on how to record a good video of yourself:
  5. Be active on If you log into daily, your profile will be listed on the top and you can directly see and react, if you have been contacted. Besides, you should contact enough Host Families yourself, to get better chances to find something suitable.
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