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Host Families - Au Pair in Luxembourg

If you live in Luxembourg and fulfill the requirements in order to become a Host Family, don't wait any longer and start searching for your ideal Au Pair on AuPair.com! Following, you will find the most important information in order to participate in the program. 
1. Can we become a Host Family?
2. Au Pair wages and hours
3. Time off and holiday
4. Length of stay
5. Does my Au Pair need a visa?
6. Insurance
7. What should my Au Pair do /  NOT do?

1. Can we become a Host Family?

In order to become a Host Family in Luxembourg, there are certain requirements you need to fulfill:

  • You have at least one child under 13
  • You can provide the Au Pair with a private room
  • You will allow the Au Pair to attend a language course
  • You will be paying the Au Pair 480,74 euro per month
  • You are looking for an Au Pair with a different nationality than your own
  • You have a clear criminal record
Find out what are the requirements to become an Au Pair in Luxembourg here

2. Au Pair wages and hours


Au Pairs in Luxembourg are expected to earn  480,74 euro per month.

The Au Pair will be in charge of bearing the travel expenses unless the family offers to pay for it.
Please do not transfer money to the Au Pair before its arrival! If you want to pay a share of the travel costs, arrange an installment payment with the Au Pair, starting after the Au Pair's arrival.


The working hours of an Au Pair in Luxembourg are around 20 and 30 hours / week and not longer than 5 hours a day. 

3. Time off and holiday

The Au Pair will have 3 evenings and 1 full day free a week as well as 2 week's paid holiday for a 6-month period.

4. Length of stay

Au Pairs in Luxembourg can stay up to 12 months with the Host Family

5. Does my Au Pair need a visa?

EU-residents: Au Pairs from any EU-country don't need to get a visa in order to become an Au Pair in Luxembourg. However, they will need to have a valid ID card or passport and to fill an application form in order to prove their Au Pair stay to the Ministry in the host country. As a Host Family, you will need to give your approval at the Ministry; in order to show your approval you will need: 
  • a household certificate (issued by the municipality of residence)
  • a clear criminal certification
  • provide evidence of the day care of children under 6 (may be issued by a support structure or a childminder). It is also possible to submit an affidavit.
Non-EU-residents: those Au Pairs who come from any Non-Eu-country need to send the application form to the Ministry before leaving for Luxembourg. Once it has been approved, they will be able to apply for a residence permit. In case the Au Pair needs a visa, the embassy of Luxembourg placed in the Au Pair's home country will be the one in charge of the process. Au Pairs in Luxembourg will need to apply for a D-Type visa. 
After the Au Pair arrival:
  • The Au Pair will need to register at the municipality of residence in Luxembourg
  • The Au Pair will have to undergo a medical examination
  • The Au Pair has to apply for a residence permit
Further information on the visa application for Luxembourg

6. Insurance

In Luxembourg, Host Families are entitled to bear the costs for a medical insurance for the Au Pair. The Host Family will have to register the Au Pair at the Social Security Administration in Luxembourg in order for the Au Pair to be insurance covered in case of illness or accident and a liability insurance will be also required. 

Pro Trip-World offers an economic and trustworthy insurance!

7. What should my Au Pair do / NOT do?

Au Pairs are supoosed to take care of the children. However, the Au Pair could perform different duties:

  • The Au Pair will take care of the children
  • The Au Pair will prepare some light meals for the kids
  • The Au Pair will drive the children to and from school
  • The Au Pair will do some light hosework
  • The Au Pair will babysit 

Do not forget, there are also some duties the Au Pair is NOT supossed to do:

  • The Au Pair will not have to take care of children other than the family's
  • The Au Pair will not have to clean the rooms that are exclusively for the Host Family's use
  • The Au Pair will not have to take care of pets
  • The Au Pair will not have to cook for the whole family

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