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Pregnancy during an Au Pair stay

As an Au Pair and a Host Family, you may also considerate some realistic issues that might take place during an Au Pair stay. In this case, we are going to focus on the Au Pair being pregnant during her time abroad with the Host Family, which would probably a complicated situation to deal with for both Au Pair and Host Family. 

The Au Pair should speak with the Host Family as soon as she finds out in order to let them know and allow them to decide whether to continue or not with the program. However, this may not always be a reason for the Au Pair contract to be terminated if both parties agree and the Au Pair is not having any difficulties to keep performing her duties. If you are planning to terminate the contract, please make sure you respect the notice period in order to give your Au Pair or Host Family the chance to look for a new plan. 

Medical insurance

In most cases, the health insurance is entitled to bear the pregnancy and birth costs as long as the Au Pair is getting pregnant in the host country. However, the health insurance don't usually bear the costs in case the Au Pair wants to abort. 

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