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Termination of the Au Pair contract

Even after signing the contract for an Au Pair stay it can be terminated if there is no solution to the problem. The expectations from both sides might not meet and it might be hard to find a common ground. 

Normally, the notice period for a termination of the contract is 2 weeks. During this time both the Au Pair or the Host Family can find an alternative. If you are in a complicated situation, talk to your Au Pair or Host Family to terminate the contract faster. We recommend you to discuss every single detail related to the Au Pair stay in advance. Decide what will happen before and after the Au Pair's arrival. You need to write it down in the contract as well to avoid possible misunderstandings. If there is a language problem, translate the most important information into English. You can translate it in any other language known by both Au Pair and Host Family as well. 

If you would like to continue the contract termination, inform the responsible organization. They will ensure the Au Pair is not longer registered with the Host Family. If the Au Pair decides to stay in the host country with a new Host Family, it is her duty to get all required information. He / she needs to find out how to change a Host Family and how to deal with current visa. 

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