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Video interview with a potential Au Pair / Host Family

The Skype Video  interview is one of the most important stages of the Au Pair searching process. Not only is it the chance for both parts to get to know each other but also the moment when both Au Pair and Host Family’s responsibilities, rights and expectations should be cleared.  

To make the interview process easier, we have compiled some great tips which we want to share with you:  

1. Keep the different time zones in mind

Consider that your future Au Pair or Host Family might be thousands of kilometers away and have a different time zone. Find the time that fits both of you and that allows you to have a chat for about 30 minutes - 1 hour. It is also very important to be punctual so we recommend setting a reminder or an alarm. 

2. Read the Au Pair’s / Host Family’s profile and write down some questions

While looking for a perfect match you might go through a lot of profiles. In order to be clear on “who is who” we recommend taking notes and using them during the interview. You can also write your doubts about the profile or prove the information published on it. 
Some important questions to ask are:
  • How much childcare experience does the Au Pair have?
  • Has the Host Family had Au Pairs before?
  • What will be the Au Pair duties?
  • What motivated the family/Au Pair to be part of this cultural exchange program?
  • Are the Au Pair/Host Family vegetarian/vegan?
  • Do both Parents work full time? 
  • Does the Au Pair/Host Family have any hobbies?
  • What are the Au Pair’s plans for the future?

3. Make a good first impression

During the interview both parts will get to know each other a bit more. Nevertheless, the first impression is essential. Make sure you have found a quiet place with good internet connection before starting the interview. If you are a Host Family, try calling from home so the Au Pair can see a bit of where you live. If you are an Au Pair be sure to chat with the children. If possible ask to have a look at your future Au Pair room.

4. Discuss the regulations and the contract

Discuss the regulations and the  Au Pair contract which should be done as soon as possible. Agree on the number of working hours per week, holidays and the amount of pocket money. Remember that in some countries it is regulated and in any case it should be respected.  If it is necessary, discuss the documents you might need and the amount of time it would take to get a visa for the host country.

5. Show interest in your potential Au Pair / Host Family

Show your interest and excitement when talking for the first time with your potential Au Pair or Host Family. Let them know that you have read the profile carefully and would like to get to know them better. Ask questions about their lifestyle and hobbies and be sure to share yours as well.
The Au Pair program
The Au Pair program is all about the win-win cooperation between the Au Pair and the Host Family. How does it work? Find out

If you are an Au Pair show that you have a genuine interest in getting to know the culture and the language of your host country. If you are a Host Family prove  that you want a cultural exchange and someone who takes great care of your kids and not a cleaning person. 

6. Be Yourself! 

Show the Host Family or Au Pair who you really are. Be clear on your priorities and expectations. If you are an Au pair it is especially important not to lie about your experience in childcare, driving, cooking or any other duty that you are required to do. Try not to worry a lot about the language. It is normal to be nervous if you are speaking in another language. 
Good luck finding your perfect match!

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